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Other that the aims mentioned above, editorial board is not responsible for copyright violation.</p><div> <a href="" rel="license"><img src="" alt="Creative Commons License" /></a><br /><strong>AJIM by <a href="" rel="cc:attributionURL">Unair</a></strong><span> </span><strong>is licensed under a</strong><span> </span><a href="" rel="license">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License</a><span>.</span></div> DOES PAID PROMOTE INFLUENCES USER FREQUENCY TO PURCHASE? AN ANALYSIS USING AIDA DIMENSION <p>The purpose of this study is to determine how paid promote program in Instagram could influence user intention to purchase products of fashion, culinary and craft products that dominate. The method used is a descriptive analysis using Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) dimension to measure user frequency of purchasing products promoted. Determination of the number of respondents using a survey technique of 100 respondents. Data analysis is done by recapitulating the results of filling out the questionnaire from respondents. Recapitulation is carried out with descriptive techniques to describe the facts of each of those studied. The findings are that relationship between the &gt; 0.600 indicators and the AIDA dimension as an important construct in advertising sustainability is paid promote fashion, culinary and craft products. And the AIDA construct, namely Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, are the driving factors for the dominant frequency response 6-8 times in craft products. It can be said that paid promote can be one marketing tools for creative economic sector products. This study's implications are delivered in two sides, literature and practices. Implication for literature, this research sheds light on customer behavior research in this digital technology era, especially using social media Instagram through paid promote programs within AIDA dimension - which is not yet discussed in previous research. The practical implication of this research is it also brings an emerging development analysis of the impact of using paid promotion as one of the marketing media for the creative economy sector products.</p> Muhammad Choiri Ikhsan Vina Sri Astuti Abdul Agung Wijaya Firdaus Finuliyah Ahmad Miskatul Qulub Copyright (c) 2022 Airlangga Journal of Innovation Management 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 114 122 10.20473/ajim.v3i2.20460 THE EFFECT OF PERCEIVED USEFULNESS AND PERCEIVED EASE OF USE ON INTEREST IN USING MOBILE PAYMENT: A CASE ON OVO <p>The acceptance of new technology has become one of the most important areas in information technology. The impact of low consumer interest in using a non-cash payment system (online) is an important problem because it is related to someone's decision to use a non-cash payment system. Currently, consumers have not used the services offered by mobile payment optimally. Efforts to predict a person's interest or consumer behavior in technology acceptance are seen from the perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. This study aimed to determine the description of behavioral intention, Perceived Usefulness, and perceived ease of use using OVO mobile payment application technology by consumers. The type of research used is descriptive verification, and the method used is an explanatory survey with a purposive sampling technique with a sample of 150 respondents. The data analysis method used is validity and reliability test, path analysis, multiple correlation analysis and coefficient of determination analysis. They are testing this hypothesis through the F test for simultaneous and partial T test using the SPSS 18.0 for windows program. The results showed that simultaneously Perceived Ease of Use and perceived ease of use had a significant effect on behavioral intention of 60.8% and partially, Perceived Ease of Use had a greater influence, namely 60.06%, than Perceived Usefulness of 1.44% to behavioral intentions.</p> Emi Amelia Ratih Hurriyati Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 123 135 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.39463 DISTRIBUTOR SELECTION ON THE IMPACT OF DEMAND FOR COFFEE PRODUCTS: AHP – SINGLE EXPONENTIAL SMOOTHING <p>The purpose of this study is to assess the performance of suppliers based on the AHP method at the highest weight level, the consistency level of supplier performance based on the smallest consistency value and predict demand with the selected value in the conversion in the kilogram model. The research methodology is quantitative integration of AHP- Single Exponential Smoothing. The data of this study is primary data covering the AHP of the questionnaire, secondary data covering the data of actual requests. This study states that the performance of suppliers includes Quality, Cost and Delivery with consistency with the smallest criteria, namely Delivery, Quality and Flexybility. Meanwhile, the demand prediction with a capacity of 1336 cups of arabica coffee was converted to a capacity of arabica coffee beans of 27 kg in April 2022. The implications of this study are expected to be carried out in determining the dumping factor is experiment with a dumping factor decision-making model that is adjusted to the needs of the TKP Coffee Shop. The suggestion of this study for researchers can then determine the estimated capacity of safety supplies and an economical ordering model.</p> Johan Alfian Pradana Rizki Puspita Dewanti Mohamad Fauzin Abdulloh Andrean Pradana Hidayat Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 136 148 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.39655 INNOVATION OF WEDDING ORGANIZER MANAGEMENT IN NEW NORMAL ERA USING SHARIAH CONTRACT: A CASE STUDY IN WEDDING HOUSE PASURUAN <p>The wedding procession has now become a sacred, expensive, and complicated procession with many stages that should be passed involving many people. It requires energy, time, and money to be prepared, while the couple has busy activities with their family or the bride and groom. To solve these problems, it needs a wedding organizer agency to handle the wedding procession smoothly. The research will analyze the business management of wedding organizers within sharia contracts. This research used a qualitative method using a case study approach to see the Ely Wedding House’s management strategies. The result of the data analysis stated that this wedding organizer was seen as having low competitors. The wedding organizer services not only do what cliens needed, but they must try to offer wedding service products to win market share and contribute ideas to new markets through various strategies, and innovations that are displayed such as business development. It includes the pre-wedding field: Packages to decorate offerings, pre-wedding packages treatment, pre-wedding photo services. So that it can influence the client to make a decision to use the services. In the competitive world of business, the emergence of wedding organizer services, both those that apply Islamic concepts or not, 1are trying to offer wedding service products to seize market share and new markets through various ways and innovations that are displayed, thus influencing customer decisions in making a decision to use their service (customer decision making) this is an integration process that combines consumer knowledge o evaluate two or more alternative behavior choices that exist through internet media that can reach consumers widely.</p> Lailatul Azizah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 149 164 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.39660 MACROECONOMIC FACTORS INFLUENCE THE DISTRIBUTION OF MSME FINANCING IN INDONESIAN ISLAMIC BANKS <p>This study examines macroeconomic factors affecting MSME financing in Indonesian Islamic banks from 2014 to 2021. These factors include inflation, BI rate and exchange rate. The methodology of this study is a quantitative method using the OLS approach. The data used in this study is monthly data from 2014 to 2021. Data was collected from Central Bank and OJK publications. This study found that macroeconomic conditions also affect how MSME financing is channeled in Islamic banks, so inflation and exchange rate partially, but BI Rate does not affect the distribution of MSME financing. This is because Islamic banks do not use an attractive interest rate system but a profit-sharing system. The findings of this study have significant consequences for decision makers, Islamic banks, and market participants. Islamic banks should work more to provide financing for MSMEs. Islamic banks should use innovation and creativity to develop and market new products in MSME financing. Due to its narrow focus on MSME financing in Islamic banks, this research has several limitations including that this research only focuses on macroeconomic factors, many other factors can affect MSME financing such as internal bank factors. Further research can examine the impact of Islamic banking financing on MSME development.</p> Annisa Masruri Zaimsyah Mariatul Fitri Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 165 174 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.40161 THE EFFICIENCY OF BAITUL MAL WA TAMWIL (BMT) IN SURABAYA USING DATA ENVELOPMENT ANALYSIS (DEA) <p>This study aims to find out whether Islamic microfinance, especially in <em>Baitul Maal wat Tamwil</em> in Surabaya has reached the level of efficiency in its operational activities from or not. This research uses a quantitative approach within Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) technique. This study uses primary data which directly retrieves Islamic microfinance financial report data from Islamic microfinance. The results showed that the efficiency value of Variable Returns to Scale (VRS) processing was higher than the Constant Returns to Scale (CRS) processing result. From five BMT that become research objects of this study, just one institution that pass efficiency level and able to optimally use its resources (inputs) to produce certain outputs. On the assumption of CRS and VRS, most of Islamic Microfinance in Surabaya has not been efficient from 2012-2017 and Islamic microfinance in Surabaya is on the scale of diseconomies, that is Islamic Microfinance in Surabaya not yet optimally in empowering its resource (<em>input</em>) to produce <em>output. </em>So that Islamic microfinance in Surabaya must make improvements in managing <em>input</em>s in order to improve efficiency value by doing selective funding to avoid default payment and the increase of uncollectible accounts expense. Each BMT has a different efficiency level that need to improved by treatment, including reduce operational expenses, reduce assets, and increase income. The implication of this study is an improvement strategies for each BMT to get their efficiency level betterment.</p> Valencia Kirana Rosadhillah Fatin Fadhilah Hasib Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 175 186 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.39465 THE ROLE OF ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERIENCE IN GROWING LEADERSHIP MINDSET AND CAPABILITY <p>The organization is a place that can provide good leadership benefits related to a growth mindset and capability of communication or socialization. High socialization skills can be formed when someone joins the organization. This discussion focuses on the formation of perspectives or benefits obtained after joining an organization. This purpose is to inform that by following an organization, one can grow personal thinking to have leadership qualities and, with the existing experience, can hone ourselves. This discussion uses a qualitative descriptive method by collecting data on the problems discussed from sources from a literature review, explaining each study point discussed. The result of this discussion is that the organization can provide benefits that can foster a person's mindset to be better in shaping the spirit of leadership. Organizations can provide a different way of thinking, such as forming good relationships between individuals and groups and fostering a leadership spirit. This is in accordance with what was obtained during the process of organizing. During joining the organization, the benefits are obtained through the attitudes and traits that must be applied. This research found that organizational experiences is important to build a mindset, communication skill, and leadership capabilities that are beneficial for human social lives.</p> Muhammad Syarofi ofy Ghoni Rizky Ridho Illah Dian Lestari Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 187 196 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.39443 DETERMINANTS OF THE INTENTION TO PARTICIPATE IN WAQF: ALTRUISM, TRUST, AND RELIGIOSITY <p>This study aims to determine community groups' behavior in participating in <em>waqf</em>. One of the motives that waqf marketers must capture is altruistic behavior in <em>waqf</em>. Altruism is a feeling of wanting to prosper others so that personal interests are sometimes not always important. The feelings of people who always want to help others must be seen and converted into one of the marketing tools in the future. Religiosity is proposed as a moderation of one's altruistic nature in participating in <em>waqf</em>. This study uses the Partial Least Square – Structural Equation Model (PLS-SEM) model, with a total of 61 active <em>waqf</em> in Indonesia. The main finding revealed that altruism significantly affected trust, although it did not affect the intention to participate in <em>waqf</em>. Another significant result reveals that Islamic religiosity moderates the effect of altruism on the intention to participate in <em>waqf</em> if the customer (wakif) has felt trust. In this case, someone with a higher level of religiosity has a greater intention to participate in <em>waqf</em> compared to those with lower religiosity. The significant contribution of this research is the developed theory about the relationship between altruistic attitude, belief, and intention to participate in <em>waqf</em>. This study also recommends practitioners making marketing strategies (segmentation-targeting-positioning) that use customer journeys in altruistic and religious programs. The marketing program is structured in order to find the interest of new wakif candidates as well as to prove credibility so that it will gain trust and in the end will increase a person's intention to participate in <em>waqf</em>.</p> Tegar Rismanuar Nuryitman Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 197 211 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.40261 THE EFFECT OF TOXIC LEADERSHIP AND JOB STRESS ON TURNOVER INTENTION IN LOGISTIC COURIER BEKASI CITY <p>This study aimed to examine the effect of toxic leadership on turnover intention, toxic leadership on job stress, and job stress and turnover intention. These study populations are three logistics companies engaged in logistics in Bekasi. This study uses a non-probability purposive sampling technique. For a sample of 105 respondents from operational units in logistics courier companies, the determination is based on (Hair et al., 2017), but only 99 respondents complete questionnaires are considered usable. Data analysis using SEM with Smart PLS software. The results show a positive and significant direct relationship between toxic leadership and employee job stress, and there is a positive and significant direct relationship between work stress and turnover intention. Still, there is no negative relationship between toxic leadership and turnover intention. In addition, there are new findings in a study conducted on employees of the operational division of a logistics company located in the city of Bekasi. The higher application of toxic leadership by the leader to employees does not affect the intensity of turnover intention to be carried out by the employee. It is because the intention to move is felt by employees based on internal factors, namely work stress, not from the negative leadership style of their superiors. Further research is expected to use mediating variables with job satisfaction and physical work environment on turnover intention. It is also expected to be able to use qualitative methods for a better comparison of research results. It is also hoped that further research will be able to further refine this research by adding research subjects and other variables that might affect turnover intention so that further research can be more developed and varied and produce conclusions from more comprehensive research.</p> Febrisi Dwita Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-19 2022-11-19 3 2 212 221 10.20473/ajim.v3i1.39982