ubacute exercise sPTH affected positiveuncoupling BR

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Reduced serum estradiol (E2) level on postmenopausal women leads to decrease muscle mass, increasing adipogenesis and negativeuncoupling bone remodeling, which tends to increase osteoporosis incidence. Bone Remodeling (BR) is determined by activities ofosteoblast (OB), from bone marrow derived- and adipose derived-mesenchymal stem cell/MSC, and activities of osteoclast (OC), fromhematopoietic stem cell/HSC. The MSC’s osteogenic differentiation are affected by osteogenic microenvironment including humoral,interleukin, vitamine and mechanical force factors. Moderate intensity walking exercise has been proved promote BR in postmenopausalwomen, but its effects on stem cell mobilization, differentiation and maturation which leads to positive uncoupling BR and the role ofserum IL-6 and PTH in this process still not clear. The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of moderate intensity walking exercise tostem cell mobilization, differentiation and maturation in PBMC and BR on postmenopausal women, and revealed the role of serum IL-6and PTH changes in that process. This one group pretest-posttest design research has been done on 14 postmenopausal women, whichunderwent moderate intensity walking exercise for 30 minute 3 times week for 3 weeks. There was an increasing of MSC mobilization,but reduced HSC mobilization on PBMC. There were increasing on differentiation and maturation of circulated stem cell on PBMC.The change of OI affected the changes of % early OB/OC lin cell, sP1NP and the ratio of sP1NP/CTx. The change of sIL-6 affectedthe changes of % early OB/OC lin cell, %late OC lin cell and sP1NP. The change of sPTH affected the changes of sCTx and the ratioof sP1NP/CTx. The conclusion was a moderate intensity walking exercise revealed increasing stem cell mobilization, differentiationand maturation in PBMC, with domination on osteoblastic lineage cell, which lead to positive uncoupling BR on postmenopausalwomen. Subacute exercise sIL-6 affected stem cell differentiation in PBMC and mature OB, subacute exercise sPTH affected positiveuncoupling BR via OC.


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