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Darmabakti Cendekia has focused on activity report of community service and engagements in <strong>Health (health promotion, radiology, traditional medicine, medicine laboratory technology, occupational health and safety, dental laboratory technique, physiotherapy, public health, and veterinary public health)</strong>, <strong>Social-economic (applied business and economy, taxation, banking, tourism and hospitality)</strong>, and <strong>Applied Sciences (training and education, management of information systems and library science)</strong> fields. We welcome all experts, practitioners, and academicians to submit their articles. The submission process of the manuscript is open throughout the year. First published in June 2019 with a frequency of 2 (two) times per year in June and December. 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Yoy International Management is a sharia-based hotel development and management company that formed in October 2020. It was born during the Covid-19 pandemic that hit almost all sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry in the world. PT. Yoy Management take a role in the recovery period and enable the tourism, hospitality and MSME sectors to support tourism by carrying out the sharia concept (trust, transparency, accountability). <strong>Objective:</strong> To empower MSMEs so that their products or services can be accessed in the Smart Tourism application. <strong>Methods:</strong> The method used to carry out learning in the form of sharing, focus group discussions and consultation with MSME actors and providing facilities for products and services in smart tourism applications. Sharing session approach as many as 6 activities for 2 months. MSME actors can enter products and services offered to tourists through the Sharia-based Smart Tourism Information System managed by PT. Yoy Management. The total number of MSMEs participating consists of 23 people, i.e. 13% tourism object managers; 21,7% restaurant managers; 17,4% car rental managers; 17,4% MSME managers; 21,7% hotel managers; and 8,7% tourists. <strong>Results:</strong> Based on questions about the product displayed on the Yoy application, the following answers were obtained: 65,2% very well; 30,4% good; and 4,4% less. Based on questions about tourist payments for service/product orders, the following answers were obtained: 43,5% very easy; 52,9% easy; and 4,3% difficult. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> The empowerment of MSMEs in the tourism industry is expected to increase MSME income and regional income.</em></p> Sularso Budilaksono, Euis Puspita Dewi, Fahrul Nurzaman, Ahmad Rosadi, Febrianty Copyright (c) 2022 Sularso Budilaksono http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/31527 Tue, 31 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000 EMPOWERMENT OF YOUTH COMMUNITY IN POSO REGENCY, THROUGH PRODUCE TOMATO AND MELON BY HYDROPONIC SYSTEM https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/32845 <p><em><strong>Background:</strong> Tentena City is one of the tourist centers with rapid economic growth located in Poso Regency because Poso Lake is very famous and able to change the economic level of the community. But there are still 20% of people who live very poor and 60% of the lower middle class and the remaining 20% of the middle to upper middle. Through the youth community Pukat Tentena is expected to foster and encourage millennials to develop vegetable and fruit entrepreneurs using more modern cultivation techniques. <strong>Objectives:</strong> empowering the youth community in Tentena city, Pamona Puselemba Subdistrict, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi with entrepreneurial tomato fruit products and melons produced by hyrdoponik drip irrigation system. <strong>Methods:</strong> This community service activity was carried out in Tentena village, Pamona Puselemba Subdistrict, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi Province with TENTENA PUKAT Youth Community partners starting from May to September 2021. <strong>Results:</strong> Mitra has successfully cultivated tomato and melon plants with hydroponic drip irrigation system techniques in green houses until they are obtained salesable results. The average number of tomatoes per stalk is 4.05 and the average fruit diameter is 5.1 cm; While the average weight of melons is 1.2 -1.8 kg. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> The results of this community service activity provide benefits for partners, namely providing additional knowledge about how to cultivate tomatoes and melons with hydroponic drip irrigation system techniques and increase partner income by selling tomatoes and melons from hydroponic cultivation. </em></p> Yosephine Sri Wulan Manuhara, Alfinda Novi Kristanti, Sugiharto, R. Djarot Sugiarso, Yohanes Kartjito Putro, Arga Wal Yudha Copyright (c) 2022 Yosephine Sri Wulan Manuhara http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/32845 Tue, 31 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000 DIGITALIZATION IN FINANCIAL REPORTING AND MARKETING ON MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES AS A STRATEGY FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY IN THE PANDEMIC PERIOD https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/33306 <p><em><strong>Background:</strong> Covid-19 pandemic has been attacking for more than a year. And since then, the pandemic not only attacked public health, but also attacked the economic sector. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as the backbone of the economy are the most affected parties. One of the reasons is that the offline sales and marketing channels. The members of the East Java IKM Forum (FIJ) Bojonegoro Branch also face this problem. MSMEs as a 60% contributor of Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), have a very important role in economic recovery. Support for this industry is not only the obligation of the government, but also the obligation of various parties such as the higher education institution. <strong>Objective:</strong> This community service aims to help the members of FIJ Bojonegoro Branch to transform into a digital ecosystem. Digitalization is not only in marketing, but also in financial reporting. <strong>Methods:</strong> Implementation of activities in 3 (three) stages, planning stage, implementation stage in the form of training and mentoring and evaluation stage. <strong>Results:</strong> This activity has encouraged 100% training participants to transform into a digital ecosystem and also helps MSME owners in optimizing the use of financial transactions applications and the use of marketing applications. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> MSME digitalization training and assistance is very useful in helping business owners evaluate business financial performance and carry out effective promotions, attracting attention and helping to bring products closer to customers.</em></p> Riska Nur Rosyidiana, Rizka Miladiah Ervianty, Mochammad Nurul, Putri Marta Linduwati, Indri Nurisa Arda Rini, Laily Agustina Rahmawati Copyright (c) 2022 Riska Nur Rosyidiana http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/33306 Tue, 31 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000 TRAINING AND ASSISTANCE OF FOOD VENDORS IN EFFORTS TO PREVENT FOODBORNE DISEASES IN KENJERAN VILLAGE SURABAYA https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/31161 <p><em><strong>Background:</strong> Based on the results of research in 2020 in the Kenjeran village, bacterial contamination was identified in food and snacks sold around homes and schools. The results of laboratory tests identified that 51.35% of snacks were contaminated with bacteria, with details of 32.43% contaminated with potential pathogenic Escherichia coli bacteria and 45.54% contaminated with Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria. <strong>Objective:</strong> This activity aims to increase the knowledge of food vendors in terms of managing snacks and reduce the number of percent snacks that contaminated with microbes. <strong>Methods:</strong> The main activities were the training of food and beverage management and cadre assistance that held after training to see changes in the behavior of food vendors and laboratory tests to see percent of snacks containing microbial contamination. <strong>Results:</strong> There was no difference in food vendors’ knowledge of snacks management before and after training, and 72.8% of snacks contained bacteria, but the cleanliness and hygiene behavior of food vendors were increased. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> This activity has provided increased awareness about safe and healthy food and beverage management practices to food vendors around the site but there are still many snacks that contain microbes even increased from the results of last year’s study. Suggestion that there is registration for food vendors so that mentoring activities can be carried out continuously by cadres and villages related to food management at food vendors around Kenjeran village.</em></p> Fariani Syahrul, Annis Catur Adi, Riris Diana Rachmayanti, Kartini Copyright (c) 2022 Fariani - Syahrul, Annis Catur Adi, Riris Diana Rachmayanti, Kartini - - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/31161 Tue, 31 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000 DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING FOR MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (MSMES) FOR TYPICAL CULINARY OF TUBAN REGENCY https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/33210 <p><em><strong>Background:</strong> With the presence of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), it can increase economic growth, absorption of labor and reduce poverty in Indonesia, especially in Tuban Regency. MSME’s in Tuban Regency continues to increase from year to year. The problems they face are in the form of narrow marketing and a lack of distribution channels for goods. In addition, MSME’s players are also faced with the problem of being unable to take good photos of their products so that the product photos are not attractive to customers. MSME’s players are also faced with the problem of not properly recording business financial reports because they are still mixed with personal matters. <strong>Objective:</strong> This activity aims to increase the capacity of MSME entrepreneurs through training in the fields of digital finance, digital marketing and digital photography. <strong>Methods:</strong> The method applied is in the form of interactive training, discussion, and practice, by: 1) implementing digital finance training using the BukuWarung application, 2) Participants practicing strategies in developing digital marketing by utilizing technological advances such as social media and marketplace platforms. And 3) Participants practice taking photos of their MSME’s products by paying attention to the aesthetics of the right photos. <strong>Results:</strong> MSME’s entrepreneurs have increased abilities and insights in applying financial bookkeeping, marketing and drawing product images by utilizing the latest technology. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> Community service partners are able to increase their business competitiveness through</em><br /><em>insight and expertise in financial accounting, marketing and digital photography.</em></p> Novyandri Taufik Bahtera, Rachman Sinatriya Marjianto, Moh. Darus Salam Copyright (c) 2022 Novyandri Taufik Bahtera http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/33210 Tue, 31 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OSTEOPOROSIS SCREENING TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION TO IMPROVE HEALTHY LIFESTYLES OF SCHOOL RESIDENTS IN PORONG, SIDOARJO https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/30922 <p><em><strong>Background</strong> : Osteoporosis is one of degenerative disease that can affect elderly and children as well. Knowledge about Osteoporosis has not been fully understood by school residents and their community. <strong>Objectives</strong> : This activity aims to (1) increase the school residents knowledge about Osteoporosis, (2) provide digital health communication media that can be used widely and easily by school residents, (3) increase the ability of school residents to use osteoporosis screening technology application and disseminate to the community. <strong>Method</strong> : Training and mentoring using ATOs-A application media and pocket books. Monitoring and evaluation is carried out to see and assist teachers in using the Osteoporosis screening application. Knowledge improvement is measured by pre-post test using questionnaire as a tool. <strong>Result</strong> : There is improvement of school residents knowledge about Osteoporosis and how to use screening technology application. So that, they have more encouragement to improve their knowledge and propagate it to community. <strong>Conclusion</strong> : Community service has a positive response from school residents and benefits to improve the healthy lifestyle in that area. </em></p> Lailatul Muqmiroh, Amillia Kartika Sari, Berliana Devianti Putri, Muhaimin Copyright (c) 2022 Lailatul Muqmiroh http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/30922 Tue, 31 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000 DIGITAL MARKETING FOR ACCOMMODATION SERVICE BUSINESSES IN BAWEAN ISLAND, GRESIK https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/33922 <p><em><strong>Background:</strong> The success of developing a tourist village starts from the accommodation manager at a tourist site and depends on the level of acceptance and support of the local community. Local communities will later act as hosts and become important actors in the development of tourist villages in all stages, starting from planning, monitoring, and implementation so that their success will also be enjoyed with a multiplier effect on the surrounding community. However, tourists often do not get information because of the lack of promotion in the media about the condition of the tourist area and also the readiness of accommodation. <strong>Objective:</strong> To provide digital marketing training for accommodation service businesses on Bawean Island. <strong>Methods:</strong> The method used is training and mentoring related to what digital marketing is, the urgency of using digital marketing, how to compose interesting content, execution of social media usage and also making attractive social media layouts. <strong>Results:</strong> The result of this activity is the implementation of digital marketing in the partner accommodation business. This activity was also accompanied by the creation of a film concept about the activities of the community community in Bawean Island which was accurate. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> the community, in this case the business actors, is still traditional. They still really need information and knowledge about digital marketing promotion efforts. Therefore, this tourism training activity is important so that the knowledge and skills of the tourism business community will increase.</em></p> Dian Yulie Reindrawati, Jiwangga H Nata, Umi F Bascha, Nur E Suriani Copyright (c) 2022 Dian Yulie Reindrawati, Jiwangga H Nata, Umi F Bascha, Nur E Suriani http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/DC/article/view/33922 Tue, 31 May 2022 00:00:00 +0000