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Archive of Published Issues: 2019

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Journal URL https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/IJPH
Title The Indonesian Journal of Public Health
Publisher Universitas Airlangga
Description The indonesian journal of public health
Keywords The indonesian journal of public health, ijph
Language(s) English (en_US)
Publisher Email kuntoro2@yahoo.com
In order for  The Journal of Public Health (IJPH) to publish the article, the author must follow all the procedures determined by IJPH. All published articles will become the copyright of IJPH. The Copyrights include the right to publish, reprint, copy, and distribute the article.
The author’s rights for the article that has been published by IJPH are included distribute the article by using the attached link in IJPH's official website and reuse the article according to the purpose of the research without any written permission to the IJPH.

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