Indonesian Midwifery and Health Sciences Journal 2023-11-29T18:37:34+07:00 Dr. Budi Prasetyo, dr. SpOG(K). Open Journal Systems <strong>Indonesian Midwifery and Health Sciences Journal</strong> (<a href="">e-ISSN 2656-7806</a>) is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by <strong>Universitas Airlangga.</strong> The scope for<strong> Indonesian Midwifery and Health Sciences Journal</strong> consist of all aspect of midwifery discipline, clinical and interprofessional topics including perinatal care, maternal and neonatal care, all aspect of obstetric discipline , gynaecology, sexual and reproductive health, management midwifery care services, primary care, public health, health care policy, and global health. Articles published in <strong>Indonesian Midwifery and Health Sciences Journal</strong> include <em>original articles </em>and <em>literature reviews</em>. Articles could be written in either Bahasa Indonesia or English. Contributors for <strong>Indonesian Midwifery and Health Sciences Journal</strong> are researchers, lecturers, students, midwifery practitioners and other practitioners that focus on midwifery and health sciences in Indonesia and worldwide. Front Matter, Vol. 7 No. 4 , October 2023 2023-11-29T18:37:34+07:00 admin imhsj 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 admin imhsj CORRELATION BETWEEN LBW HISTORY AND STUNTING INCIDENCE: A LITERATURE REVIEW 2023-08-18T14:01:55+07:00 Sherina Ramadhan Rize Budi Amalia Lestari Sudaryanti <p><strong>Background</strong>: Indonesia is facing a significant nutrition problem characterized by a high prevalence of undernutrition cases. Malnutrition is a consequence of poor nutritional status. Stunting is one form of malnutrition associated with a history of inadequate nutrient intake, making it a chronic nutritional problem. One potential factor affecting child growth is a history of low birth weight (LBW). The study aims to analyze the correlation between a history of LBW (Low Birth Weight) and the occurrence of stunting. <strong>Method</strong><strong>:</strong> This research used a literature review study design, using secondary data sourced from electronic databases, consisting of 111 Pubmed articles, 518 Google Scholar articles, and 138 Science Direct articles. Article searches were conducted using keywords related to low birth weight for gestational age, stunting, and children, resulting in 15 relevant articles. The searches using these keywords are limited ( the last 10 years) and then screened according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. <strong>Result:</strong> Twelve of fifteen pieces of literature reinforce each other by finding low birth weight has a correlation with the occurrence of stunting. While some studies have confirmed a significant correlation between LBW and stunting, other studies have not found any such link. This suggests that the relationship between LBW and stunting is intricate, and there may be other factors that contribute to the occurrence of stunting. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> A history of LBW (Low Birth Weight) is a contributing factor in the occurrence of stunting in children.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Sherina Ramadhan, Rize Budi Amalia , Lestari Sudaryanti THE EFFECT OF KANGAROO MOTHER CARE ON REDUCING POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW 2023-10-05T14:35:51+07:00 Velia Putri Yulias Tanti Susy Katikana Sebayang <p><strong>Background</strong>: Postpartum depression is a frequent health problem for women during the postpartum period and contribute to maternal morbidity and mortality. Postpartum depression continues to rise with the estimated prevalence in Indonesia is 11.76% in 2021. Kangaroo Mother Care is care for premature babies with skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the baby. Kangaroo Mother Care has been utilized as a non-pharmacological intervention to prevent and reduce the risk of postpartum depression. The aim of the research is to assess the possibility of using Kangaroo Mother Care to reduce the risk of postpartum depression. <strong>Method</strong>: This was a systematic review study reported in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses statement. Literature was searched in PubMed, Science Direct, Scopus, Sage, and Scilit databases with criteria; article published in 2014–2023, published in English and open access, original research articles, includes postpartum mothers as subjects, includes discussion on the impact of Kangaroo Mother Care on postpartum depression. Exclusion criteria are duplicate articles and articles with titles that do not match the discussion. <strong>Result</strong>: Six articles that met the inclusion criteria were used in this study. Research and studies were conducted in Indonesia, Spain, and 2 studies in Iran and India. Five studies found that postpartum mothers who carried out Kangaroo Mother Care showed reduction in the risk of postpartum depression, while one study showed the opposite results. <strong>Conclusion</strong>: Kangaroo Mother Care is effective in reducing postpartum depression in postpartum mothers.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Velia Putri Yulias Tanti, Susy Katikana Sebayang CARICA PAPAYA L. WITH SUTURE WOUND HEALING IN MICE EXPERIMENTAL ANIMALS 2023-10-17T10:59:03+07:00 Dani Istiqomah Nurul Azizah Yanik Purwanti Evi Rinata <p><strong>Background:</strong> Stitches are a condition in which skin tissue damage results from incisions or surgery and trauma. Carica Papaya Linn contains flavonoids which are efficacious as anti-inflammatory or antiseptic in inhibiting bacterial growth. Carica Papaya Linn is effective in repairing cells damaged by free radicals. The purpose of this study was to see the effectiveness of papaya leaf extract (Carica Papaya Linn) against stitches. <strong>Method:</strong> This research was quantitative research with a True Experimental design with the one group post-test method using the REEDA scale assessment. The population in this study were mice (Mus Musculus) which were divided into 5 groups, control group, nebacetin group, 5% test group, 10% test group and 15% test group. Research was conducted in the Lab. Medical Laboratory Technology at Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo and for making extracts from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Surabaya State University. Data was collected and then the results were analysed using the One Way ANOVA statistical test. <strong>Result:</strong> The results of the statistical test showed a value of P = 0.000 in the 7th day group, which means there was a difference in each group of mice and the mean results showed the lowest result was 0.2 in the 15% extract which stated the best wound healing. <strong>Conclusion :</strong> The conclusion of the study was that there was an effect of giving papaya leaf extract (Carica Papaya L.) on wound healing in experimental mice.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Dani Istiqomah , Nurul Azizah, Yanik Purwanti, Evi Rinata THE INFLUENCE OF AUDIO-VISUAL VIDEO MEDIA ON KNOWLEDGE IN EFFORTS TO PREVENT SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST ADOLESCENTS WITH DISABILITIES AT SLB SHANTI KOSALA NGANJUK 2023-10-05T15:22:02+07:00 Mia Ashari Kurniasari Ratna Frenty Nurkhalim <p><strong>Background</strong>: In Indonesia, teenagers account for one-quarter of the population. The focus of national development is on teenagers. Teenagers with disabilities are of particular concern due to their numerous restrictions, particularly in reproductive health education. They often experience health problems, especially sexual and reproductive health. Reproductive health education is the right solution for people with disabilities so that they can increase their knowledge in sexual violance so that they can protect themselves from a person. The aim of this research is to determine the effect of audio-visual video media on knowledge in efforts to prevent sexual violence among disabled teenagers. <strong>Method:</strong> We included all of the student that attend the school on the day of data collection. We used questionnaire to collect the data and the analytical test used was the Wilxocon Rank Test.<strong> Result: </strong>there was an increase in knowledge before implementing health education using audio-visual media, primarily 13.6%, with the high knowledge group comprising 54.5%. Meanwhile, the low knowledge group dropped from 86.4% to 45.5%. The Wilxocon Rank Test value is p= 0.035, indicating that audio-visual media has a significant influence on knowledge. <strong>Conclussion:</strong> There is an influence of audio-visual media with information in attempts to prevent sexual violence against disabled youth at SLB. Shanti Kosala Nganjuk.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Mia Ashari Kurniasari, Ratna Frenty Nurkhalim BINAHONG [Anredera cordifolia (Tenore) Steenis] LEAF INFUSA FOR SUTURE WOUND INFECTION CONVALESCENCE 2023-09-19T20:47:37+07:00 Siti Nur Azizah Sucitra Baso Nurul Azizah Rafhani Rosyidah Evi Rinata <p><strong>Background</strong>: Postpartum infections are the top 4 main causes of the high maternal mortality rate in Indonesia at 2022 of 183 per 100,000 live births. Efforts to prevent complications due to infection of puerperal suture wounds with pharmacological therapy using antibiotics and antiseptics, as well as non-pharmacological ones using plant extracts. Binahong is believed to contain flavonoids, terpenoids, saponins, tannins, essential oils, and alkaloids, which are especially useful in healing wound infections. The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of infusion of binahong leaves (Anredera cordifolia (Tenore) Steenis) on the healing of suture wound infections in rats (Rattus norvegicus) experimental animals. <strong>Method:</strong> The research method was a true-experimental posttest only control group design, the study was conducted from June to August 2023 at the Microbiology and Pharmacology Laboratory of Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo University, the research variables were binahong leaf infusion and healing of suture infection, assessment and data collection using the REEDA scale instrument, statistical analysis with the one-way ANOVA, and post-hoc follow-up tests. <strong>Result:</strong> The results showed p &lt;0.05, so there was a significant effect of giving binahong leaf infusion on the healing of suture wound infections. In terms of the difference in the mean value and the results of the post-hoc significant difference test, it appears that the 5% binahong leaf infusion group showed the most effective results in healing suture wound infections and was significantly different from the negative control group with less effective healing of suture infections. <strong>Conclusion :</strong> This is in line with research that states that the group given a 5% concentration of binahong extract was more effective than the group with a higher concentration. Thus, administration of a 5% concentration of binahong leaf infusion can be an alternative for healing suture wound infections due to the important content in it in the form of flavonoids, terpenoids, saponins, tannins, essential oils, and alkaloids. Further research is needed with lower concentrations of binahong leaf infusion to find out the minimum concentration that can have a good effect on the convalescence of suture wound infections.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Siti Nur Azizah Sucitra Baso, Nurul Azizah, Rafhani Rosyidah, Evi Rinata RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PERSONAL HYGIENE AND ECHERICHIA COLI BACTERIA ON THE PALM OF CHILDREN’S SDN X IN KEDIRI CITY 2023-10-19T13:21:40+07:00 Binti Muarofah Puput Dinda Merlinda <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><strong>Introduction</strong><strong>Method:</strong> The design used was cross sectional study. The population was 56. Sampling used Quota Sampling, namely 30 palm swabs from Children at SDN X In Kediri City. In giving scores for Personal Hygiene, a Likert scale was used. Materials used for research were EMB, TSIA, UREA and IMVC media, tools used were coot swabs , incubator, oven and autoclav, personal hygiene variables and <em>Echerichia coli</em> bacteria, research carried out from April to May 2023 Chi-square test analysis using SPSS (<em>Statistical Program For Social Science</em>). <strong>The results</strong>: 29 samples identified the presence of bacteria and 1 sterile sample, identified bacteria including <em>Salmonella</em> sp (30%) also found <em>Klebsiella sp</em> (20%) and <em>Echerichia coli</em> (47%) bacteria. The personal hygiene of the chindren showed 50% has bad personal hygiene, 43% has good personal hygiene and 7% has very good personal hygiene. As well as showing the presence of <em>Echerichia coli</em> bacteria on the palms of elementary school children. <strong>Conclusion</strong> A significant relationship was found in the statistical test because the results showed an Asymp.Sig value of 0.000 where the value &lt;0.05 where Ha was accepted and H0 was rejected.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Binti Muarofah, Puput Dinda Merlinda THE EFFECT OF ALOE VERA COMPRESSES ON BREAST ENGORGEMENT PAIN IN POSTPARTUM MOTHERS 2023-09-07T11:33:58+07:00 Nurus Safaah Erna Eka Wijayanti Umu Qonitun <p><strong>Background:</strong> Breast engorgement is an unpleasant physiological condition characterized by swelling and pain in the breasts. Treatment to reduce breast engorgement uses aloe vera which contains aloin and emodin which can function as analgesics. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of aloe vera compresses on breast engorgement in postpartum mothers. <strong>Methods:</strong> This was a true-experimental design with a pre-post test design with a control group. The independent variable is Aloe vera compress while the dependent variable is Breast engorgement pain. The population in this study were all postpartum mothers at the Merakurak health center, The sample in this study was 32 postpartum mothers at the Merakurak Community Health Center who met the inclusion criteria, The sampling technique used consecutive sampling and data collection using observation sheets involving 32 postpartum mothers. The statistical tests were undertaken using the Wilcoxon and Mann-Whitney tests. <strong>Results:</strong> The results of the study showed that the majority of postpartum mothers were aged 20-35 years, in a total of 23 mothers (93.6%). Most of them (62.5%) had a high school educational background, and most of them (62.5%) had a history of multiparas. Based on the results of the study, there is an effect of giving <em>aloe vera</em> compresses on breast engorgement in postpartum mothers (p-value 0.000). <strong>Conclusion:</strong> <em>Aloe vera</em> compress therapy can be used by postpartum mothers to treat breast milk retention because aloe vera contains anthraquinone which contains aloin and emodin which can function as analgesics. Aloe vera compress can be done Recommended as a complementary therapy for breast engorgement pain.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nurus Safaah, Erna Eka Wijayanti, Umu Qonitun IDENTIFICATION OF PHYSIOLOGICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CHANGES DURING MENOPAUSE IN BIREUEN DISTRICT, ACEH PROVINCE 2023-10-20T12:55:40+07:00 Irma Fitria Dewi Maritalia Herrywati Tambunan <p><strong>Background</strong>: Menopause is a physiological condition in women where the end of the reproductive period due to the cessation of the menstrual cycle for 12 consecutive months naturally. During menopause, the production of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone by the ovaries decreases and stops, thus causing changes in the hormonal system in the body that can affect physiological changes in the body as well as psychological changes and will have an impact on the woman's next life. <strong>Method</strong><strong>:</strong> This study aims to identify physiological and psychological changes experienced by women during menopause. The research method is descriptive survey research, the population is all menopausal women who live in Bireuen Regency. The sampling technique used random sampling which was taken based on the Slovin formula totalling 392 respondents. The research instrument was a questionnaire distributed to respondents from 11 August to 05 September 2023 during the Elderly Posyandu at the Puskesmas. Data processing and analysis were carried out univariately for each variable of physiological changes and psychological changes using descriptive static tests. <strong>Result:</strong> The results of the study for physiological changes showed that the majority of respondents experienced difficulty sleeping, visual disturbances, had heart disease, did not experience respiratory problems, experienced changes in appetite, did not experience urinary disorders, experienced skin changes, experienced joint pain, experienced heat on the face. In psychological changes, they experience mood swings, feel tired and lack of enthusiasm and experience memory impairment. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> It is suggested that it is necessary to provide special support and attention to women in menopause so that they can go through menopause comfortably and happily so that it will reduce the level of dependence on others.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Irma Fitria, Dewi Maritalia, Herrywati Tambunan FAKTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THE INCIDENCE OF PREECLAMPSIA IN PREGNANT WOMEN AT RSUP. DR. M. DJAMIL PADANG IN 2022 2023-07-22T08:43:11+07:00 Nur Cintia Dewi Abdiana Abdiana Fitrayeni Fitrayeni <p><strong>Background</strong>: Preeclampsia still a complication of pregnancy is in need of special attention if not to be overcome by directly resulting in an increase in the number of deaths of pregnant women. The factors that can cause preeclampsia for pregnant women among them are age, parity, and the nutritional status of mothers. This research seeks to capture that deals with incident preeclampsia for pregnant women at RSUP Dr. M. Djamil Padang of 2022. Method: This research is quantitative research with an observational analytical design because there is no treatment of the objects studied. The research design used was cross sectional, that is, measurements and observations were carried out only once at a time. <strong>Result</strong>: The result showed 64,3 % preeclampsia pregnant women with heavy. This research result indicates the majority of pregnant women with a heavy risk preeklampsia 60,5 % ( p = 0,046; OR = 2,263; CI 95% = 1,081-4,736 ), the parity of risky 56,6 % ( p = 0,040; OR = 2,297; CI 95 % = 1,101-1,790 ) and nutritional status of risky 67,4 % ( p = 0,011; OR = 2,888; CI 95 % = 1,341-6,215) 95. <strong>Conclusion</strong>: It's concluded that there's an age relationship, parity and nutrition status of pregnant mothers against preeclampsia. Advice for health officials is particularly midwifes to increase counseling and socialization regarding pregnancy complications and raise caution to patients who are at risk of preeclampsia.</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Nur Cintia Dewi, Abdiana Abdiana , Fitrayeni Fitrayeni THE INFLUENCE OF GIVING LIME (Citrus Aurantifolia) WITH FE TABLETS TO INCREASE HEMOGLOBIN LEVELS AMONG THE THIRD TRIMESTER OF ANEMIA PREGNANT WOMEN 2023-10-20T12:56:07+07:00 Eva Silviana Rahmawati Nur Cholilla Nanik Nuraini Retno Susanti <p><strong>Background</strong>: Problems caused by anemia in pregnancy range from mild complaints to severe complications. To prevent anemia, every pregnant woman is expected to get iron tablets at least 90 tablets during pregnancy to increase hemoglobin. Lime contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin C helps iron absorption by up to 30%. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of providing lime juice assistance along with Fe tablets to increasing hemoglobin levels in pregnant women with anemia in the third trimester. <strong>Method: </strong>The study design was a pre-post control group design. The population in this study were all 36 pregnant women with anemia in the third trimester at the Soko Community Health Center, using random sampling technique. The sample size is 32 respondens divided into two group. The treatment group given Fe tablets and lime for 14 days, and statistical analysis using Wilcoxon test. <strong>Result: </strong>The results of the study using SPSS for windows with a significance level of α = 0.005 obtained a value of p = 0.04 which was proven to be 0.031 &lt;0.05, so H1 is accepted meaning there is an influence. <strong>Conclusion : </strong>There is an effect of providing lime juice accompaniment along with Fe tablets on increasing hemoglobin levels in pregnant women with anemia in the third trimester. For future researchers, this research can continue to be developed to create a product of economic value that can be utilized by the community</p> 2023-10-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Eva Silviana Rahmawati, Nur Cholilla, Nanik Nuraini, Retno Susanti