This procedure applies to complaints about the policies, procedures, or actions of the Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia (JAKI)/Indonesian Journal of Health Administration editorial staffs. We welcome complaints as they provide an opportunity and a spur for improvement, and we aim to respond quickly, courteously, and constructively. The complaint must be about something that is within the responsibility of JAKI editorial board – i.e. content or process. The procedure outlined below aims to be fair to those making complaints and those complained about.

  1. Complaints may be made by phone, email, or letter, ideally to the person the complaint is already in contact with over the matter being complained about. If that is not appropriate please email:
  2. Whenever possible complaints will be dealt with by the person to whom they are made. If that person cannot deal with the complaint he or she will refer it to the Editor-in-Chief
  3. Complaints about editorial matters that are sent to the Editor-In-Chief.
  4. All complaints will be acknowledged (immediately on the phone, within seven working days if by email or post)
  5. If possible a definitive response will be made within two weeks. If this is not possible an interim response will be given within two weeks. Interim responses will be provided until the complaint is finally resolved.
  6. If the complaint remains unhappy, complaints should be escalated to the editor, whose decision is final
  7. If the complaint has exhausted the internal processes and is still unhappy he or she can complain to the following body:

The Committee on Publication Ethics COPE publishes a code of practice for editors of scientific, technical, and medical journals It will consider complaints against editors but only once a journal’s own complaints procedures have been exhausted.