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China’s growth has been altered global economy. China has major impact not
only to Asian countries but also to global economy. In the ASEAN summit meeting
in Cebu Philippines 2007, ASEAN leaders agreed to realize ASEAN Economic
Community (AEC) faster (in 2015) to anticipate competition with China and
India.This research has the objectives to explore the impact of China expansion to
ASEAN economy. To achieve the objective, Structural VAR analysis and Spearman
Rank Correlation for Revealed Comparative Advantage are employed.
The output shows that China growth can have positive effect because there are
symmetric shocks beetween China and some ASEAN countries (except for Cambodia,
Laos, and Myanmar) high degree of complementarity in export between China
and some ASEAN countries (except Cambodia and Vietnam).Policy implication
are ASEAN must increase the degree of complementarity with China economy and
also the degree of shocks correlation in order to get positive impact from China
growth . The way are to increase ASEAN+3 cooperation, inreasing trade intensity
and also production sharing between ASEAN and China.
Keywords : China Economy Effect, Revealed Comparative Advantage, Shocks
Correlation, China and ASEAN

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