Jeanne Ananti Sutanto

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Apartments have become an alternative place to live in Surabaya that is quite
strategic for the business community, especially for expatriates who live here as
well as our native business people. Apartment buildings have also grown in number
although the rate of accupancy itself has yet to reach 100 %. The requirements
needed for apartment to be a place to live are more or less the same as those
needed for housing complex in general. Nevertheless, the main difference is the
facilities readily available in apartement building, such as a spacious parking
area, a fully equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, and also other sports facilities.
Moreover, what we do not normally find in a housing complex is the availability of
security and sanitary services for every room there.
This research is aimed at examining the infuence of service quality as well as
perceived value of consumers, or in this case the occupants of the apartment, over
their satisfaction and loyalty. The respondents being analyzed are the occupants
of nine apartments located in Surabaya. The tool used for analyzing is the Structure
Equation Modeling (SEM) obtained through the software AMOS 3.6. To sum up,
the result of the hypothetical analyzes shows that: (1) service quality as well as
perceived value have an influence over the satisfaction felt by occupants of
apartments in the Surabaya area; (2) service quality has influence over the
perceived value; (3) satisfaction has no influence over loyalty felt by occupants;
(4) service quality as well as perceived value have no influence over loyalty felt
by occupants, both direct and indirect as seen through satisfaction as the intervening
The lack of influence that satisfaction has over loyalty can be explained as a
growing phenomenon. This phenomenon sees the tendency for both purchaser
and occupants of apartment to choose apartement as their place of living (and
not as an investment), and also the availability of guarantee for their privacy.
Key Words: service quality, perceived value, satisfaction, loyalty, and apartment.
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