Anis Eliyana

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A successful business becomes the goal of each individual who is involved in an
organizational business. The capability of business organization to enter and compete in
the global market is one of those ways often used by businessmen to both maintain and
achieve a successful organization. With respect to the said issue, the writer would like to
answer the following subject matter: How to understand the organizational culture in
order to be success in global business? And does the organizational culture guarantee
the achievement of success in global business?
The answer to the aforementioned issue shall be on the basis of relevant theoretical
study and current empirical condition. Two conclusions are drawn from the theoretical
and empirical study analysis as follows: the understanding of organizational culture can
be achieved through the understanding of business partners’ organizational culture by
means of various culture management understanding and the existence of empirical
phenomenon today that indicates how easy the nations to obtain information that is more
heterogeneous and insolated along with the continuous movement toward global market.
Key Words : Organizational Culture, Cultural Variety Management, The Successful
Global Business

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