Brief History


Global Strategis published by Cakra Studi Global Strategis (CSGS), since 2007. Global & Strategis are being known as the one of two journal of international relation (authorized by Airlangga University) who has been nationally accredited. Basically, we have a vision to be indispensable source of independent analysis, informed debate, and influential ideas to help improve policy and decision making on global and strategic issues. Indeed, become an open container that can help facilitate on global and strategic issues. Global Strategis does not speaks on holistic even limited perspective indispensable approaches only, but it is involving the growth and development of strategic view towards any complexity, lean on absurdness, and untouchable of global issues. As explained as above, it took based on Global Strategis mission: (1) promoting a better understanding of contour, content, and context of strategic development; (2) producing independent and rigorous analysis of critical global, regional and country specific challenges on advanced development; (3) developing new ideas and options to decision makers and policy specialist in tackling of global strategic challenges.

Our area interests are so wide. Embark on regional dynamics & transnational development issues, cosmopolitanism & globalization, nationhood & national interest, up to international & foreign affairs. Still, JGS have some program and activity in it, such as regular research & mapping; analysis & briefing; simulation and review; consultation and advocacy; negotiation and resolution; articulation & communication; and also dissemination & publication. Research group into inseparable parts in these journal. Our research group properly works on variety subjects like: (1) globalization & non-military defense, (2) local autonomy, (3) maritime development & defense, (3) terrorism & conflict resolution, (4) ethnic conflict & human security, (5) migrant worker & sustainable development, (6) international business & negotiation.

Furthermore, we welcome for any constructive supports and partnership to enhance analysis, understanding and policy response toward our global and strategic challenges. Our central of resource (resource centre) which has become a home base, workshop space, and an indispensable part of centre for Strategic and Global Studies, named Cakra Buana Centre, which is ultimately being our historical departmental resource centre. At the end, Global & Strategis too have media of publications, that is: (1) Global & Strategis, a journal; (2) Cakrawala Kebijakan, a policy brief; (3) CSGS Paper, a collection of unpublished paper, and (4) CSGS Publisher, a book publisher.   


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2007 - 2013


2014 - 2019 (No. 1)


2019 (No.2) - Present