Publication Ethics

The Author (s) must abide by the publication ethics when submitting their manuscript to the journal. The morality, scientific integrity, and honesty must be met by the author (s).

Morality – capable of differentiating good and bad behavior in writing a scientific manuscript for journal

Scientific integrity- reinforce the norm/regulation and social responsibility

Honesty – objective, avoid data fabrication and falsification

The ethics that must be met by the author (s) are

a) The author (s) must highly understand scientific conduct, benefits, and risk of the published paper

b) The manuscript must be free of misconduct, data fabrication and falsification, and plagiarism

c) All secondary data must be completed with a citation

d) The submitted manuscript must be relevant to the scope of the journal

e) The published articles should not trigger any conflict of interest and friction in the societies  

f) The author (s) must be competent and contribute in the manuscript preparation and revising process while peer-reviewed

g) The author (s) does not send the submitted manuscript to other journals/media at the same time of submission to this journal

h) The whole manuscript or its part is not yet published elsewhere

i) The manuscript must be originally obtained from the experimental research and or idea, indicated by a signed cover letter

j) The author (s) who does not meet the requirements outlined on the publication ethics will not be processed further or if the article has been published, the article will be retracted.