Graph Database Schema for Multimodal Transportation in Semarang

Panji Wisnu Wirawan, Djalal Er Riyanto, Dinar Mutiara Kusumo Nugraheni, Yasmin Yasmin


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Background: Semarang has broad area that cannot be covered entirely by single transportation mode. To reach a specific location, people often use more than one public transportation mode. Apart from Bus Rapid Transit, another exist namely angkot or city transportation. Multimodal traveler information is then  required to help passenger searching for a route. Several studies of multimodal traveler information system has been conducted, however the data model for multimodal transportation did not conceived in detail.

Objective: Proposes a database of multimodal transportation design using graph data model by taking Semarang as a case study.

Method: We create our model in oriented entity-relationship diagram (O-ERD) and map this O-ERD to the graph database schema.

Result: We develop our data model in graph database schema and we implement the model using Neo4J graph database for validation purpose. Our model consist of  three graph node label namely Shelter, Angkot Stopper, and Closer Place. To validate our model, we execute a search query using the Cypher query to look for location with closer place to it.

Conclusion: Our data model was successfully developed and implemented. Searching transportation route in the implementation of our model has been conducted using cypher query. It can successfully display all possible paths and routes. Our query can distinguish between one mode of transportation with another.


Graph database, Multimodal transportation, Neo4j, Cypher


multimodal transportation, graph database

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