Development of Nosocomial Infection Prevention Measured by Nurses at Hospital Based on Health Belief Model

Djaafar Nurseha

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Introduction: Nosocomial infections are defined as infection that develop during hospital stay of a patient. All patients have 20% risk of getting nosocomial infection from both health care providers and visitors. The objective of the research was to examine nurse attitude in effort to prevent nosocomial infection at hospital based on health believe model.

Methods: This was a descriptive analytic with a cross sectional study approach. The total respondents were 80 people matched to the criteria. Data was collected by direct observations, interview and questionairs. Independent variable was health belief model consist of susceptibility, seriousness, benefits and barrier variables. Dependent variable was nurse’s practice to prevent nosocomial infection. Data then analyzed using correlations product moment test.  Results: The results showed that, susceptibility variable, severity of infection variable and benefit variable have correlation with nosocomial infection prevention (p value=0,000<0,05). While barrier variable did not have correlation with nosocomial infection prevention (p value=0,201>0,05).

Conclusion: Variables of health belief model that can be used as determinants of nosocomial infection prevention were susceptibility, seriousness and benefits. Future studies are expected to be done in some hospitals to look at other factors such as hospital management, facilities and infrastructure, and policies that may affect the implementation of prevention and control of nosocomial infections.

Development of Nosocomial Infection Prevention Measured by Nurses at Hospital Based on Health Belief Model


health belief model; nosocomial infection and nursing practice

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