Effort to Prevent Anaemia during Menstruation among Female Adolescent in Islamic Boarding School

anaemia knowledge attitude friends support health facility health efforts



Introduction: Female adolescents are generally prone to be infected by anaemia
due to the growing menstruation cycle which causes the loss of bloods in
significant amount every month and the needs of ferrum substance can be
doubled. The aimed of the research was to analyse factors related to the effort of
anaemia prevention during menstruation among female adolescents in Islamic
boarding school.

Methods: This research applied correlational descriptive design through the
approach of cross-sectional study. Total samples were 214 female students in 3
Islamic boarding schools with criteria of female students aged 11-20 years old
and had experienced menstruation. Sample obtained by random sampling.
Independent variables were knowledge, attitude, friends support, health facility,
health efforts, and dependent variables was the efforts to prevention anaemia.
Data obtained by questionnaire and analyzed by Spearman Rho with significance
level α,0.005

Results: The result showed significant correlation between knowledge (p=0.000;
r=0.318). attitude (p=0.001; r=0.232). friends support (p=0.003; r=0.203). health facility (p=0.000; r=0.260). and health efforts (p=0.001; r=0.227) on prevention effort of anaemia on adolescents female menstruation in Islamic boarding school.

Conclusion: Level of knowledge, posstive attitude, friends support, health facility,
and health efforts can prevent anemia during menstruation.


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