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Wound is discontinuity of skin. The physiology of wound healing contains several phases namely inflammation, destruction, proliferation and maturation phase. Study of how proliferation and maturation phase contain synthesis, degradation and remodeling of collagen contribute quality of wound healing still less. Collagen is synthesized by fibroblast and leucocytes among wound healing period. Final abundant collagen is involved not only from synthesis but also from their degradation which is done by a metalloproteinase family. Consequence of this process is fibrotic tissue, which is classified into many shape. Then, those collagens have been contracted to make wound border closed. Synthesis, degradation and remodeling process of collagen are very important. These can involve quality of wound healing showed with many fibrotic tissue types.


Degradation; remodeling of collagen; wound healing; degradasi; remodeling kolagen; penyembuhan luka

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