Stress Level Differences on Final Year Nursing Students During Distance Learning Between Gender

distance learning final-years student Gender Nursing students Stress level


September 10, 2023


Introduction: The implementation of distance learning on final-year nursing students who are preparing thesis often gives more burden and stress. Stress is certainly different between male and female students. The purpose of this study was to determine the difference in stress levels in final-year nursing students by gender.

Method: The study was comparative research with cross-sectional design. Total samples were 167 final-year nursing students. Independent variables were distance learning. Dependent variables were stress level. The instrument used was questionnaire and analyzed by T test.

Results: The number of students who experience stress is dominated by female students as much as 83.2% or 139 people. The most common level of stress found in mild stress was 28.1% or 66 people. Additionally, the result of comparative test found that there was a significant difference of 0,645 (p > 0,05) which there was no significant difference of stress between male and female student of final semester

Conclusions: It concluded that there was no significant difference in stress levels between male and female students. Gender differences was not followed by significant differences in stress levels in the study subject.