Experiences of Stutterer Nurses in the Provision of Nursing Care in Pakistan

experience communication nurse nursing care stutterers


September 10, 2023


Introduction: “Stuttering” is a speaking disorder where the flow of speech is blocked by an involuntary audible or inaudible pause, repetition and prolongation, causing; anxiety, depression, and embarrassment for a person. This study aimed to explore the lived experiences of a stutterer nurses caring for the patients at clinical site.

Method: Qualitative descriptive phenomenology design was used to recruit Nine Stutter Nurses (6 males, 3 Female) through Purposive sampling technique. Individual, face to face, semi structured interviews were conducted and analyzed using thematic analysis.

Results: Three major themes and associated sub-theme emerged from the analysis of the participants’ narratives. The first theme compromise triggers of stuttering, with stress being the prominent one, the second theme compromises the impact and effect of stuttering in nursing, sub-associated with impact on self-esteem which is predominantly negative; impact on clinical care, which is of minimal impact; effect on relationships with colleagues that have no affect; and effect on relationships with patients that exert effect. The third theme compromise of management strategies by stutter nurses, sub-associated with techniques to overcome stuttering at clinical site.

Conclusions: Stuttering does not necessarily impact a nurse's ability to provide compassionate and competent care. By using strategies to manage stuttering and seeking support from colleagues and supervisors, a nurse who stutters can effectively communicate with patients and excel in their clinical practice.