Information For Authors

  1. The script is expected to adhere to the template, the field of journal science, and follow the style of writing the script (peripheral style) of the Journal of Islamic Economics and Business after the text is received);
  2. Ownership of any journal that has been published in the Journal of Islamic Economics and Business is the proper
  3. Any submitted journal will be confirmed by the editorial board in the form of a Notice sent by e-mail (maximum 3 weeks ty of the publisher, without changing the author's moral rights. The author is required to sign the Statement of Copyright.
  4. After the script is declared to be published and the author has signed a copyright then the author is entitled to receive a Letter of Acceptance from the board of Journal of Islamic Economics and Business.
  5. The author who wishes to obtain a printed version of the Journal is expected to contact the secretariat and we will determine the tariff of the printing costs of the journal. The softcopy Journal will be provided free of charge to the author.