(Marketing Islamic Banking Products through Financial Technology)


June 15, 2022



The urgency of using Islamic fintech in marketing Islamic banking products has become a priority in life in the industrial era 4.0. This is because the development of sharia fintech services has a positive effect on the financial performance of Islamic banking. Sharia fintech can be used as an acceleration of da'wah and sharia economic development through banking products so that it can help the financial needs of the community as well as a source of capital for business actors (MSMEs). This is evident in terms of Islamic peer to peer lending on average an increase of about 50% in 2020. Currently, the number of sharia fintech officially registered with the OJK is only around 10 fintech, which is still far behind the number of conventional fintech. In addition, the level of Islamic financial literacy (8.93%) and the Islamic financial inclusion index (9, 1%) which is still very low is also an obstacle in the development of sharia fintech in Indonesia. On this occasion, the researchers used descriptive qualitative methods with secondary data through libraries, journals and internet research. Departing from the existing background, the researcher initiated an application called SHAFICA to market sharia fintech so that it is spread / conveyed to all regions and levels of society. SHAFICA is a campaign application that focuses on providing information on the services, features, products, and schemes of each sharia fintech that will be disseminated by campaign participants. This application will work with Islamic banking and Islamic fintech as partners. The SHAFICA application will contain various kinds of sharia fintech as well as explanations in addition to information about the campaign. By loading this option, it is intended that campaign participants download one of the fintech as an initial requirement for participating in the campaign. To attract people to join the campign later, they will use a point system, namely the more people who follow the campaign and invite others to join the campign, the more points will be added. These points can later be exchanged into balances that can be used as additional income. The source of this balance is obtained from partner collaboration with the application as a marketing party. The presence of this application provides many benefits for the community, partners, and the development of the Islamic economy. It is hoped that through the SHAFICA application, it can increase understanding, literacy, and equitable access to the use of sharia fintech services.