Analysis of Cyclamate Content in Unbranded Instant Herbal Medicinal Drink on Market in the City of Pamekasan

Jamu Cyclamat Gravimetry


November 30, 2023


Jamu is one of the traditional medicines because most herbal medicine uses natural ingredients or plants. One of the safety of herbal medicine is the absence of abuse such as the addition of artificial sweeteners in the form of cyclamate. Cyclamate is one of the artificial sweeteners that has a sweetness level 30 times higher than natural sweeteners. Excessive use of cyclamate will cause cancer and tumors. The purpose of this study is to determine the presence or absence of cyclamate content and levels in ready-to-drink herbal medicine without a brand sold in the Pamekasan City market. This research was conducted qualitatively with precipitation methods and quantitative with gravimetric methods. From qualitative research, the results of sample A found a white precipitate which indicates a positive sample containing cyclamate. While samples B and C found no deposits indicating that the sample was negative cyclamate. Furthermore, a positive sample is carried out quantitative testing. In determining cyclamate levels, sodium cyclamate levels in sample A were obtained at 4.8047 g/kg. so that the serving rate or per 1 bottle of herbal medicine contains 115.312 g/0.6 kg and this exceeds the threshold determined by BPOM Regulations which is 1.25 g/kg. The conclusion of this study is that 1 out of 3 positive samples contains cyclamate with levels that exceed the threshold determined by BPOM RI No. 32 of 2019.