On 19 July 2019, the Indonesian Journal of Health Administration has demonstrated a brilliant knowledge-sharing on the Workshop of "Mendeley Software, Pre-Print, and Open Science" at Dafam Hotel, Surabya. The participants got excited of the new perspectives on the use of reference manager, how to do with pre-print, and how to be open for knowledge! We gather editors from journals, university students, and lecturers! Thank you for participating. Also, very thankful for the souvenirs sponsorship from Mendeley. 

The first session, Rizqy Amelia Zein delivered the hottest topic that should be up in the academic world! Yes, it is how to get author's pre-print manuscript in cloud! This is vital for researchers especially to recognize their work as early as possible. This somehow raises questions whether the pre-print manuscripts are also a form of self-plagiarism. The next session is discussion about reference manager by Khair Isme. The participants also demonstrated the use of Mendeley after the Open Science discussion. We often recommend researchers use reference manager to help them track the sources used and citation writing in the text. It's such an initiative from the journal to educate authors so that they submit more proper referencing style in their manuscript! 

From the workshop, JAKI team also collected some data on author's behavior related to the plagiarism perspective and practices. We keep updating the analysis of the data. Thank you so much for all participants!