Happy New Year 2023,
Best wishes for health and success.

Thank you for your support, author friends, contributors, reviewers, and a solid editor team.

Stepping into a new year in 2023, we received news that on 31 December 2022, IJHA/JAKI was included in the Scopus indexation. Then what does it mean for us?

For us, Scopus indexation is not the end goal. Scopus indexation is the same as other indexations such as DOAJ, ACI, EBSCO, SINTA, Google Scholar, WOS etc.

Building the quality of scientific publications is not only determined by indexation and other metrics. The content, input, and internal systems of the upstream-downstream management of the journal determine the quality of scientific publications. That is what we work for.

Therefore, in 2023 IJHA/JAKI will maximize performance for journal reaccreditation (ARJUNA) as part of efforts to maintain editorial quality. In the same year, IJHA will take a bigger role in bringing science more decisively to the public through science communication. IJHA/JAKI can be of wider benefit to the common good.

We pray and endeavor that the IJHA/JAKI team will always remain consistent with the quality of content, editing, and editorials, for which we need to ask for support from everyone.


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