Radio as A Tool for Society Empowerment in Sub-Saharan States

Africa Development Empowerment Radio Society.


August 2, 2019


The rapid development experienced by the mass media has changed the
way societies access information. It could be proven by the existence of
communication and information technology, which requires various
conditions such as qualified educational experiences, good economic
conditions, and the existence of adequate infrastructures. However, these
requirements are not easy to be met by people in sub-Saharan countries.
As a result, people in sub-Saharan countries use radio instead as a mass
media to obtain information. Regarding this phenomenon, the author
sees an opportunity to use radio as a tool for community empowerment,
precisely through the spread of endemic knowledge. The author then
uses the marginal utilitarianism method with a bottom-up approach
explaining how radio could be used in community empowerment which
resulted into information blending methods. The purpose of the paper
itself is to give new insight on ways to empower society, precisely through
the use of traditional mass media.