Diplomasi Teknologi Indonesia dan Spanyol dalam Pengembangan Pesawat Baling-Baling

Almira Dewi Zaskya

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This research analyzes technological diplomacy in Indonesia and Spain
relations, especially in the field of the aerospace industry technology
(propeller aircraft development) that is conducted by PT Dirgantara
Indonesia and Airbus Military Spain. This research will explain the
development process of aerospace industry and technology since 1975.
Qualitative descriptive methodologies used in this research to obtain
in-depth analysis. The result of the analysis shows that there is a close
relationship beyond just the institutional relationship, that is the
relationship between the two countries in this technology diplomacy.
From this study it can be concluded that the technology diplomacy that
has been running and manifestly implemented for over 40 years has get
to both countries having a very close and profitable relationship. The
relationships and cooperation that can be said to be familial is believed by
both parties will continue into the future.


technology diplomacy; aerospace industry; science, technology and international affairs; and bilateral relations and cooperation.

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