Implementasi RPOA-IUU di Kawasan Asia Tenggara

Mauly Dini Budiyanti, Arfin Sudirman

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Southeast Asia is one of the areas vulnerable to IUU Fishing. This problem
has transnational characteristics starting from location, perpetrator
and flag of the ship. The perpetrators of IUU Fishing mostly come from
neighboring countries. Therefore, handling this problem requires a
joint role and commitment. One of the regional measures in dealing
this problem is through Regional Plan of Action to Promote Responsible
Fishing Practices including Combating IUU Fishing (RPOA-IUU) which
contains various recommendations for actions to promote responsible
and sustainable fishing. This paper will discuss the capabilities and
willingness of RPOA-IUU implementation by its five member countries,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as the
implementation gap that arises when the actual implementation of each
country is not in accordance with what has been agreed. This paper uses
descriptive qualitative methods in explaining the implementation of the
RPOA IUU by each country and also uses the regime implementation
theory to analyze the implementation gap in the RPOA-IUU.


implementation, implementation gap, RPOA-IUU

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