Keterlibatan Amerika Serikat di Kawasan Golden Crescent: Analisis Geopolitik terhadap Kejahatan Transnasional

Hilda Ariastuti

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This article analyzes the phenomenon of transnational organized crime
in the Golden Crescent, one of the biggest producers of opium globally,
and the United States’ involvement in the region. The author discusses
the production base for opium in the Golden Crescent by focusing on
one country, namely Afghanistan. There are two main findings in this
study, namely the Golden Crescent region as a significant producer and
distributor of the global opium trade; and the business and political
interests that the United States brought in its invasion of Afghanistan. One
of them is his interest in drug trafficking, which is considered to be highly
profitable. This research concludes that the United States has political
and economic advantage motives in its invasion of Afghanistan and its
involvement in the Golden Crescent.


Transnational organized crimes, drugs trafficking, Golden Crescent, Afghanistan, United States

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