Analisis Hubungan Kerjasama Bilateral Australia dan Fiji Dalam Bidang Keamanan Periode 2014-2019

Siti Dhea Meutia Syarif

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This study analyzes Australia and Fiji's bilateral cooperation in the
security sector for the 2014-2019 period. Entering the democratization
era after the Fiji Coup in 2006, the relationship between Canberra and
Suva seems to be getting better. Several regional and even international
security initiatives were seen as being encouraged. This paper then argues
that the convergence of interests between the two can be attributed to the
similarity of perceptions in terms of regional and international defense,
which is increasingly prevalent in the era of democratization in Fiji. This
paper begins by describing the methodology and theoretical framework of
foreign policy analysis used to analyze this phenomenon. The next section
provides background on contemporary relations between Australia and
Fiji and analyzes how their dynamics led to the collaboration in question.
This paper ends by analyzing the prospects for the resilience of bilateral
relations between the two countries in the future with the proliferation of
new security challenges.


Bilateral Relations, Security, National Interest, Australia, Fiji

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Analisis Hubungan Kerja Sama Bilateral Australia dan Fiji

dalam Bidang Keamanan pada Periode 2014-2019

Jurnal Hubungan Internasional □ Tahun XIII, No. 2, Juli - Desember 2020

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