Joko Widodo’s Digital Diplomacy: A Prospect and Challenge for Indonesia’s Digital Diplomacy towards Middle Power

digital diplomacy Joko Widodo Indonesia social media politics


January 9, 2018


Indonesia is known as a country whose people massively use social media. It is currently
one of the largest internet users in the world, especially social media. President of Indonesia,
Joko Widodo, (famously called ‘Jokowi’) also tries to ‘fit in’ to the trend of social media across
Indonesia. Jokowi has several social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
and YouTube. He even publishes a lot of his works, including his meeting agenda with other
states’ leaders. Jokowi sometimes uploads some video blogs or ‘vlogs’ which some of them are
collaborations with leaders of powerful countries, such as King Salman Abdul Aziz of Saudi
Arabia, Emmanuel Macron of France, and many others. Therefore, the authors consider this
as a great opportunity for Indonesia to start digital diplomacy. Through literature study,
the authors will provide a broader analysis of prospect and challenge of Indonesia’s digital
diplomacy. The findings showed that digital diplomacy implemented by Jokowi has a good
prospect albeit many challenges. Moreover, it was also discovered that this type of diplomacy
could bring some threats to Indonesia.