Systematic Literature and Expert Review of Agile Methodology Usage in Business Intelligence Projects


November 1, 2023


Background: Agile methodology is known for delivering effective projects with added value within a shorter timeframe, especially in Business Intelligence (BI) system which is a valuable tool for informed decision-making. However, identifying impactful elements for successful BI implementation is complex due to the wide range of Agile attributes.

Objective: This research aims to systematically review and analyze the integration of BI within Agile methodology, providing valuable guidance for future projects implementation, enhancing the understanding of effective application, and identifying influential factors.

Methods: Based on the Kitchenham method, 19 papers were analyzed from 288 papers, sourced from databases like Scopus, ACM, IEEE, and others published in 2016-2022. Meanwhile the extracted key factors impacting agile BI implementation were validated by qualified expert.

Results: Agile was discovered to provide numerous benefits to BI projects by promoting flexibility, collaboration, and rapid iteration for enhanced adaptability, while effectively addressing challenges including those related to technology, management, and skills gaps. In addition, Agile methods, including tasks such as calculating cycle time, measuring defect backlogs, mapping code ownership, and engaging end users, offered practical solutions. The advantages included adaptability, success, value enhancement, cost reduction, shortened timelines, and improved precision. The research additionally considered other critical Agile elements such as BI tools, Agile Practices, Manifesto, and Methods, thereby enhancing insights for successful implementation.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the research outlined Agile BI implementation into seven key factor groups, validated by qualified expert, providing guidance for BI integration and practices, and establishing a fundamental baseline for future applications.

Keywords: Agile Methodology, Business Intelligence (BI), Expert Judgement, Kitchenham, Systematic Literature Review (SLR)