Information Quality of Business Intelligence Systems: A Maturity-based Assessment


November 1, 2023


Background: The primary role of a Business Intelligence (BI) system is to provide information to decision-makers within an organization. Moreover, it is crucial to acknowledge that the quality of this information is of greatest significance. Several studies have extensively discussed the importance of information quality in information systems, including BI. However, there is relatively little discussion on the factors influencing 'Information quality”.

Objective: This study aimed to address this literature gap by investigating the determinants of BI maturity that impacted information quality.

Methods: A maturity model comprising three dimensions was introduced, namely Data quality, BI infrastructure, and Data-driven culture. Data were collected from 84 companies and were analyzed using the SEM-PLS approach.

Results: The analysis showed that maturity had a highly positive influence on Information Quality, validating the relevance of the three proposed determinant factors.

Conclusion: This study suggested and strongly supported the importance and relevance of Data quality, BI infrastructure, and Data-driven culture as key dimensions of BI maturity. The robust statistical relationship between maturity and information quality showed the effectiveness of approaching the systems from a maturity perspective. This investigation paved the way for exploring additional dimensions that impact Information quality.

Keywords: BI infrastructure, BI maturity, Data-driven culture, Data quality, Information quality.