Factors Influencing the Use of Mobile Social Commerce Application with UTAUT2 Extended Model


February 28, 2024


Background: Mobile social commerce is a collection of e-commerce activities accessed via mobile devices and supported by users actively engaging in commercial activities on social media. As a country with a substantial number of social media users, Indonesia has sufficient opportunities to implement mobile social commerce as application for online shopping.

Objective: This study aimed to identify the factors influencing the use of mobile social commerce for online shopping, using Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT2). In this context, some variables were excluded, namely user behavior, price value, and moderating variables (age, gender, and experience). Additional variables considered included price saving orientation (PSO), privacy concerns (PC), social commerce construct (SCC), social support (SS), and trust (TR).

Methods: Data were collected by distributing questionnaires to respondents who had used mobile social commerce for shopping, resulting in 320 collected responses. Furthermore, the collected data were analyzed using Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) method through SmartPLS 3.3.3 application.

Results: The results showed that among the 17 proposed hypotheses, 6 were rejected, while 11 were accepted.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the factors influencing the use of mobile social commerce consisted of effort expectancy, habit, hedonic motivation, SCC, SS, and PC. Therefore, future studies should concentrate on exploring the continued intention of users towards mobile social commerce application.


Keywords: Mobile Social Commerce, Privacy Concern, Social Construct, Social Support, UTAUT