Factors Correlated to Job Stress among ICU Nurses in Surabaya Indonesia

ICU job stress nurses QNWL organisational support working condition workload



Introduction: Job stress is a major barrier to the attainment of safety, health, and
wellness among nurses. Understanding factors job stress among nurses is very
important to provide alternatives solution to ease the stress in the future. However,
there are limited studies with respect to factors related to stress in Intensive Care
Unit (ICU) nurses particularly in Indonesian context. This study aimed to identify
factors correlated to job stress among ICU nurse in three public hospitals.

Methods: A correlational study was carried on ICU nurses who hands-on ICU
nursing care. Data were collected using questionnaires. Descriptive statistic and
Spearman correlation were used to analyze the correlation between perceived job
burden, working condition, quality of nursing work life, perceived organizational
support, and stress among ICU nurses.

Results: A total of 91 respondents (32 male and 59 female) were involved to the
study comprises of two different educational backgrounds (59 Diploma III and 32
Bachelor degree). The statistical analysis using Pearson correlation found that
workload (0.003), working condition (0.000), quality of nursing work life (0.000),
perceived organizational support (0.000) significantly correlated to job stress
among ICU nurses.

Conclusion: All studied factors correlated to job stress among ICU nurses. All
factors had moderate correlation with nurses’ job stress and working condition has
highest strong correlation compare to the other factors. Its implies from the result
that management of the hospital may provide more attention to job stress among
nurses to maintain optimum performance to provide nursing care for patients
particularly critically ill patients in ICU.

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