Strategi Peningkatan Mutu Pelayanan Keperawatan Berdasarkan Analisis Posisi Perilaku Caring Perawat dengan Jendela Pelanggan

strategy caring behavior quality of service


April 2, 2017


Introduction: In this era of globalization and free market, demand from the society for adequate health care is increasing and encouraging hospitals to provide the best services. Better services require continuous and perfect planning in service quality improvement. The goal of this study was to find the development strategy to improve the quality of nursing care based on analysis of nurses caring behaviors position using customer window.

Method: This study used 30 samples to assess input, proses and output. Research site was in Bhakti Rahayu hospital Surabaya for 1 month. Research instrument was questionnaire. Research data was used to determine optimum strategy of operational research approach using a simple dynamic program.

Result: The result showed that the optimum strategy throught the line of affordable cuost – good fasilities – sufficient caring behavior – sufficient administrative – sufficient infrastructure – reliable human resources had the greates value of 70.

Conclusion it can be cancluded that not all ideal line have a high value.

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