Elderly obesity risk of dementia



Background: The increasing elderly population every year causes various degenerative diseases such as obesity. This must be a concern because obesity can be a risk factor for various diseases, one of which is the risk of developing dementia. Dementia is a syndrome characterized by loss of intellectual capacity, involving not only cognitive but also language, visospatial abilities, personality, memory. Dementia is included in the 10 diseases that cause death in the world, ranking 7th and the prevalence of dementia in the elderly continues to increase. Purpose: To determine the relationship between obesity and the risk of dementia in the elderly in RT 01-03 RW 07 Margamulya Bekasi in 2023. Method: This research is a quantitative study with analytical descriptive methods with a cross-sectional study approach. The sample in this study used purposive sampling totaling 35 samples with the criteria of obese elderly people who did not have chronic diseases. This research instrument used a Body Mass Index (BMI) filling sheet and a Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) observation sheet and the analysis used was Chi-Square. Results: Based on statistical tests, the p value obtained was 0.049 with (p < 0.05), which means Ha is accepted, meaning there is a relationship between obesity and the risk of dementia in RT 01-03 RW 07, Margamulya Village, North Bekasi District, Bekasi City. 2023. Conclusion: Old age and elderly women have the greatest risk factors for developing dementia, the main cause of obesity and the risk of developing dementia is low physical activity in the elderly, so the relationship between obesity and the risk of dementia is obesity as a cause of comorbid diseases. causes vascular disorders in the brain, causing dementia.