Morals and Personality of Botchan in Natsume Soseki's Botchan

novel moral personality botchan


  • Wido Retno
    Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
June 30, 2022

This study is aimed to uncover the morals and personality of a character named Botchan in a novel entitled Botchan written by Natsume Soseki. This study used a qualitative method by gathering written data such as excerpts from the novel and studies related to the issue, or in other words a literature review. The data were analyzed using a literary psychoanalytic approach. This study focuses on the values contained within the morality and personality that are represented within Botchan. The primary data were taken from the novel itself. The results of this study are 1) Human relationship that is based upon conscience, altruism, responsibility, principled, patience, honesty, persistence, and brave 2) Relationships between human beings, consisting of concern for suffering and friends and other people who have high honesty like Kiyo. Botchan's personality consists of three aspects, 1) id (unconscious movement), 2) ego (balancing unconscious to reality), and 3) superego (conforming to societal norms).