Solving Close-Open Mixed Vehicle Routing Problem Using Bat Algorithm

Atika Dwi Hanun Amalia, Herry Suprajitno, Asri Bekti Pratiwi

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The purpose of this research is to solve the Close-Open Mixed Vehicle Routing Problem (COMVRP) using Bat Algorithm. COMVRP which is a combination of Close Vehicle Routing Problem or commonly known as Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) with Open Vehicle Routing Problem (OVRP) is a problem to determine vehicles route in order to minimize total distance to serve customers without exceed vehicle capacity. COMVRP occurs when the company already has private vehicles but its capacity could not fulfill all customer demands so the company must rent several vehicles from other companies to complete the distribution process. In this case, the private vehicle returns to the depot after serving the last customer while the rental vehicle does not need to return. Bat algorithm is an algorithm inspired by the process of finding prey from small bats using echolocation. The implementation program to solve was created using Java programming with NetBeans IDE 8.2 software which was implemented using 3 cases, small data with 18 customers, medium data with 75 customers and large data with 100 customers. Based on the implementation results, it can be concluded that the more iterations, the smaller total costs are obtained, while for the pulse rate and the amount of bat tends not to affect the total cost obtained.


bat algorithm, close-open mixed vehicle routing problem.

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