Penerapan Seagulls Optimization Algorithm untuk Menyelesaikan Open Vehicle Routing Problem

Open Vehicle Routing Problem Seagulls Optimization Algorithm


March 29, 2022


This paper aims to solve the problem of Open Vehicle Routing Problem using Seagulls Optimization Algorithm. Open Vehicle Routing Problem (OVRP) is a variation of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) which will not return to the depot after visiting the last customer, is different from VRP which requires the vehicle to return to the depot because the company have insufficient number of vehicles for the distribution of products to customers so they must to rent vehicles and this OVRP aims to minimize the total cost of distributing products with the shortest optimal distance to meet the demands of each customer with private vehicles and rental vehicles. Seagulls Optimization Algorithm (SOA) is the algorithm inspired by the behaviour of seagulls in migrating and ways of attacking the pray of seagulls in nature. In general, the process begins with generating the initial position, evaluating the objective function, the migration process, the attacking process to get a new position, compare the objective function for the new position and the old position, update the position and save the best seagulls in each iteration until the maximum iteration is met. The program used to complete OVRP with Seagulls Optimization Algorithm is Borland C++ and implemented using 3 case examples, small data with 18 customers, medium data 50 customers and large data 100 customers. Based on the implementation results, it can be concluded that the higher number of seagulls, iterations and the smaller the control variable value tend to effect minimum cost gained.

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