Focus and Scope

The aim of JDE (Journal of Developing Economies) is to publish original research papers involving to all aspects of economic development. However, since Volume 9 No. 2 (2024), this journal focuses on quantitative approach to solve the specific or general questions of economic development problems worldwide

JDE (Journal of Developing Economies) only accepts original research papers written in full English and processes submitted original script related of scope to development economics  and not being published by other publishers.

The scope of JDE (Journal of Developing Economies) includes, but is not limited to the research results of: Macroeconomics; Development Economics; Banking, Finance, and Monetary Economics; Industrial Economics; International Economics; Public Economics; Environmental and Energy Economics; Agricultural Economics; Health Economics; Political Economics; Tourism Economics; Microenterprises and Microfinance; Labor Economics; and Regional Economics.

All articles go through a pre-screening process during the review process, and some are rejected right away. Papers that are deemed unsuitable for the topic or approach are included in this category, despite the fact that the field of development is broad and that assessments of suitability can occasionally be subjective. This also contains works that, either in terms of methodological rigor or addition to the field, don't meet our high criteria.

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