Naval Diplomacy: Upaya Defensif Indonesia dalam Konflik Laut Tiongkok Selatan di Era Joko Widodo

Satwika Paramasatya, Wing Witjahyo Poespojoedho

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The conflict involving many countries in the South China Sea has not
ended nor subsided. Regional tension and claims between countries are
increasing and Indonesia participates in this round of conflict. As the
world’s largest archipelagic country and an ASEAN member country that
upholds peace, security and regional stability, Indonesia then has to play
an active role in the conflict. In order to do so, Indonesia is using naval
diplomacy as a way to achieve effective conflict resolution within the
region. Regarding the phenomenon, this study used the concept of sea
power and naval diplomacy to explain measures that have been taken by
the Indonesian government under Joko Widodo’s presidency in resolving
the conflicts involving its territories in the South China Sea. The author’s
analysis showed that Indonesia’s policies of using naval diplomacy in the
South China Sea conflict have a positive and effective outcome in achieving
conflict resolution and peace condition that has been confined by longterm
obstacles and challenges.


South China Sea, Conflict Resolution, Naval Diplomacy, Concept of Sea Power, Administration of President Joko Widodo

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