Tool for Generating Behavior-Driven Development Test-Cases

Indra Kharisma Raharjana, Fadel Harris, Army Justitia

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Background: Testing using Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) techniques is one of the practices of Agile software development. This technique composes a test-case based on a use case scenario, for web application acceptance tests.

Objective:  In this study, we developed a tool to generate test case codes from BDD scenario definitions to help and facilitate practitioners to conduct testing.

Methods: The generated test case code is made according to the codeception framework format so that it can be directly executed by the tester. The procedure is performed as follows:  map the correlation of the language used in BDD (gherkin language) and the code syntax of the test code in the codeception framework, designed the GUIs in such a way that users can easily transform the Use Case Scenario, built the tool so that it can generate test cases codes. Evaluation is done by gathering respondents; ask to run the application and gathering feedback from respondents.

Results: This tool can generate a codeception test-case file based on the BDD scenario. Generated test cases can be directly used on codeception tools. The results of the evaluation show that the tools can help entry-level programmers in developing automated tests.

Conclusion: The tool can help user especially entry-level programmers to generate BDD test-case and make easy for the users for testing the web applications.

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