Starting from 1st Desember 2021,

Jurnal Kesehatan Lingkungan will only receive article in full English.

Article submitted must be well structured in English and accordingly to Guide for Author. The author is responsible for Translating dan Proofreading their article. One of the tools to help the author structure article in English is Grammarly. There are several requirements for authors regarding article proofreading in order to keep the article quality.


  1. In the final review stage, author has to proofread the article. Proofread must be done by a professional agent for proofreading proofed with statement letter and receipt from the agency.
  2. Make sure to turn on "Track and Changes" in Ms. Word to indicate correctness while proofreading the manuscript.
  3. Submit the required documents above to our email (subject: Proofread Requirements - 19xxx (followed by article ID)

LoA publish will be provided after the author proofreads the article and submit the requirements maximum of 6 x 24 hours since it is declared eligible to be published by the editorial team.

Please reach us if you find any difficulties (+62 8967 5816 284)



Editorial Team