Yuridika P-ISSN (0215-840X) and E-ISSN (2528-3103) is an open-access-peer-reviewed law journal affiliated to Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Law and published by Universitas Airlangga, in printed version, firstly in 1976. The aims of the journal is the platform for legal scholars and legal researcher who wish to share and contribute their ideas in dogmatic legal studies, particulary in developing and emerging countries. These dogmatic legal studies may include but are not limited to : Criminal Law; Civil Law; Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; International Law; Islamic Law; Law and Society; Economic and Business Law; Environmental Law; Medical Law; and Labour Law. It is published three times a year in January, May, and September. The articles published in Yuridika are going through double blind peer review process, and will be decided by Editorial Boards based on the peer review recommendations. Some authors are prominent legal scholars from many well- known faculty of law i.e. Peter Machmud Marzuki, Philipus M. Hadjon, Bernard Arief Sidharta, Phillip Griffith, Ten Berge, Jan Michiel Otto, and many others. Yuridika only receives articles in English. 

Yuridika has been accredited SINTA 2 by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia since 9 December 2021 based on the Decree Number 158/E/KPT/2021. <Download> 

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About APC


Starting from edition of volume 37 no 2 2022, Yuridika will no longer impose APC on the author, but the author must correct at the institution recommended by the Judicial Editor at his own expense.

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Current Issue

Vol. 37 No. 2 (2022): Volume 37 No 2 May 2022

This issue has been available online since August 2022  for the regular issue of May 2022. All Articles in this issue were authored/co-authored by 22 Authors from 2 Countries (Indonesia and Malaysia).

Published: 2022-08-05