About the Journal

Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Dan Bisnis Airlangga (JRABA) is intended as a medium of information exchange for researchers, lecturers, students and other practitioners that focus on Accounting and Business. JRABA is a peer reviewed open access scientific journal published by Universitas Airlangga. The scope for JRABA includes : Accounting and Administration Business. Each volume of JRABA is counted in each calendar year that consist of two issues. JRABA is published two times per year every May and November. Articles published in JRABA include : original articles, literature review and new books review in the field of Accounting and Business. Articles could be written in either Bahasa Indonesia or English. The article published is the original work of the author, not reflecting the opinion of the Editor. The author is responsible for his writings published in this journal. The editor has the right to accept and reject or make corrections without changing the intent of the writing. Journal writing instructions are listed on the menu about us. Correspondence regarding manuscripts to be published, subscriptions, and others can be addressed to the editor.

Become a reputable national and international journal in the field of Accounting and Business


  1.  As a medium of intellectual development for the academic community in supporting Universitas Airlangga to become a World Class University;
  2. Organizing an accountable and quality journal management to increase the number of intellectual products in the form of scientific journals;
  3. To become a leading reference for the academic community and researchers in the fields of Accounting and Business

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