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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  • The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, RTF, or WordPerfect document file format.
  • Where available, URLs for the references have been provided.
  • The text is single-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines, which is found in About the Journal.
  • If submitting to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, the instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review have been followed.

Author Guidelines

Submissions must be original work and have never been previously published. Research manuscripts are preferred.


• Is written in two languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia.
• Avoids uppercase applied in the whole letter.


Abstract consists of 150-200 words, written in one paragraph, continued by keywords. The abstract contains background, writing purposes, discussion, and conclusion. Submissions from research must include the research method and output. Abstract and keywords are written in two languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Manuscript content for the original article
Manuscript content includes the introduction, research method, results and discussion, conclusion, and references. A sub-chapter on Literature Review is unnecessary.

  • Relevant to the need for learning processes in the social and political sciences and humanities field.
  • Closely related to or relevant with the authors’ mastery background, either theoretical writing, methodological writing, research summary, or scientific book review.
  • Considering the content objectivity and scientific rules.
  • The editors consider 4000-8000 words to be the preferable article length. The length of the manuscript should not exceed 8000 words, including text, all tables and figures, notes, and appendices intended for publication. A manuscript that exceeds the 8000-word limit will be returned without review.
Manuscript content for the literature review article
The structure includes:
  • Title – informs us it is a review
  • Informative Abstract – informs us this is a meta-analysis (novel analysis in a novel context of previously published data)
  • Introduction
  • Body – Material & Methods, Results (including the use of tables and figures to display novel findings), Discussion
  • Conclusion – a listing of novel findings of the meta-analysis
  • References – organised alphabetically

Writing technique

  • Within the manuscript body, avoid using dot points, alphabetizing, or numbering as follows:
    1) ...........
    2) ...........
    This model of writing is 
    1) ........... 2) ...........
  • This model of writing is preferred: 1) ................, 2) ..............
  • Manuscript written in essay format, no numbering between chapter or part is allowed.
  • The table and graph should be referred to in the discussion.
  • Make the tables or graphs as straightforward as possible. The table should contain table number, title, note, and information if needed (below the table to explain abbreviation in the table). Use only horizontal lines, and vertical lines are not allowed.
  • Use running note instead of footnote or endnote; for example:

...... (Eveleth & Tanner 1990:10, Kennedy 1993).
...... (Abolfotouh et al. 1993).
...... (Boas 1896 in Martin 1928).

  • Avoid journal name abbreviations in referencing.
  • Instead of using points, conclusion is written in paragraph format.
  • Reference uses the “name-year” system, in accordance with the alphabetical family name.
  • Instead of using points, conclusion is written in paragraph format.
  • Reference uses “name-year” system, accordance with alphabetical family name.
  • In reference, mention all author’s name (not et al.); for example:

Aboulfotouh M, Abu-Zeid H, Badawi I, & Mahfouz A (1993) A method for adjusting the international growth curves for local use in the assessment of nutritional status of Saudi preschool children. Journal of Egypt Public Health Association 68 (2):687-702.

Hawking S (2000) Professor Stephen Hawking’s website. [Accessed 9 May 2002].

Kennedy P (1993) Preparing for the Twenty-First. London: Harper Collin Publisher.

Kennedy P (2000) The New Era. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


  • The author’s name should be spelled consistently. An academic degree is not necessary.
  • The author is fully responsible for manuscript content.
  • Attaching Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Author’s Statement Letter in Supplementary Files.
  • Submission must be adjusted with this journal referencing style (reference citing, systematics, illustration, table, etc.).
  • Submitting the manuscript (in English) and abstract (in English and Bahasa Indonesia). The manuscript typedbyMS Word, font type Times New Roman, spacing1 in15-20 pages ofA4 paper.
  • Signing an author’s statement letter stating that submission is not under consideration or peer-reviewed or accepted for publication or in the press or published elsewhere. The manuscript should not be submitted to another journal during the review process by Biokultur reviewers.
  • Signing a statement letter stating that submission is plagiarism-free and fully obeying the citing rules (the author did not copy-paste, but paraphrase).
  • Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the Open Journal Systems (OJS):
  • After the article has received the agreement to be published, authors are requested to contribute to the journal’s maintenance and development.


  • The editor reserves the right to edit the articles without changing the content and authors idea.
  • An editor will return a non-proper article.

Referencing Style

Special Collection

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title [material type]. Collection, shelfmark. Library, City, County.

Colvil SC (1680) The Mock poem, I-II [manuscript]. Brotherton Collection, MS Lt Leeds University Library, Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title of blog entry, date blog entry written. Title of Blog. [Date accessed]. URL.

Newton A (2007) Newcastle toolkit, 16 January. Angela Newton: Blog. [Accessed 23 February 2010].

Book (printed, one author or more)

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title. City of publication: Publisher.

Adams AD (1906) Electric Transmission of Water Power. New York: McGraw.
Dym CL, Little P, Orwin EJ, & Spjut RE (2009) Engineering Design: A Project-based Introduction (3rd ed). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Book (printed, with an editor)

Family Name INITIAL(S) (ed) (Year) Title. City of publication: Publisher.

Crandell KA (ed) (1999) The Evolution of HIV. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press.
Census statistics Depositor. (Year) Title [computer file]. ESRC/JISC Census Programme, Census Data Support Unit, University in which the unit is based.

Badan Pusat Statistik (2000) Surabaya dalam Angka, Tahun 2000. Program PPM, Unit Sensus (Institut Teknik Surabaya).

Office for National Statistics (2001) Census: Standard Area Statistics (England and Wales) [computer file]. ESRC/JISC Census Programme, Census Dissemination Unit, MIMAS (University of Manchester).

Chapter in a book (printed)

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Chapter title. In: Initial(s) Family Name of Editor(s) (eds). Title of book. City of publication: Publisher. Page number of your quotation.

Coffin JM (1999) Molecular Biology of HIV. In: Crandell KA (ed). The Evolution of HIV. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 24-35.


Title (Year) [CD-ROM] City of publication: Publisher.

Who’s who 1897-1998 (1998) [CD-ROM] London: Oxford University Press.

Conference papers and proceedings

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title of paper. In: Editor(s) of conference proceedings if known.

Title of conference, date of conference, location of conference. Place of publication: Publisher. Page number(s).

Robertson J (1986) The economics of local recovery. In: The Other Economic Summit, 17-18 April, Tokyo. London: The Other Economic Summit. 5-10.

Dance (live performance)

Choreographer (Premiere date) Title. [Date seen and where].

Ashton F (1940) Dante Sonata, The Royal Ballet [performance viewed 10 July 2004, Lincoln Centre, New York].

Dance (video)

Director/Producer (Year published or first transmission) Title of video or programme [type of medium e.g. video], Production company or Publisher [further details to identify dance works].

Lockyer B dir. (1979) Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet [video for television transmission], BBC TV. In association with R.M. Productions Munich [Les Patineurs, Ashton; Pineapple Poll, Cranko].


Title (Year) [DVD] Directed by. City of publication: Publisher.

Saving Private Ryan (1998) [DVD] Directed by Steven Spielberg. USA: Paramount Pictures.

E-book (from the internet)

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title. City of publication: Publisher. [Date accessed]. URL.

McRobbie A (1998) British fashion design: Rag trade or image industry? London: Routledge. [Accessed 31 May 2006]. =0203168011.

Electronic discussion group 

FamilyNameINITIAL(S)(Year)Title. Dateadded. Available from:Discussion group title. [Dateaccessed].

Cranshaw L (2001) Nature license for 2001 and beyond: Can your institution afford it? 6 February 2001. Available from: List e-journals. [Accessed 21 March 2002].

Film or video

Title (Year) Material designation. Subsidiary originator (director is preferred). Production details. Place: Organisation.

Chicken Run (2000) Animated film. Directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park. Bristol: Aardman.

Film transcript

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title [Location of transcript]. City.

Cobban W & Cameron B (1998) Mountie: Canada’s mightiest myth [National Film Board of Canada documentary transcript]. Montreal. 

Government departmental circular (UK) 

Nation. Office, Department (Year) Title. Circular distributed: Date. Office: City.

Great Britain. Home Office, Lord Chancellor’s Department and Department of Health (Undated). Child witness pack. Circular distributed 10 May 1993. Home Office: London.



Originator (Year) Title. Material type, location.

Gosse S (1912) The garden, Rowlandson House. Etching and aquatint, London: British Museum, Department of Prints and Drawings. Register number 1915-27-41.

Journal article

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title of article. Journal title. Volume (issue number): page number. URL DOI.

Walker JR (1998) Citing serials: Online serial publications and citation systems. Serials-Librarian 33 (4):343-356.

Journal article (electronic)

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title of article. Journal title Volume (issue number): page number. URL DOI.

Royall CP, Thiel BL, & Donald AM (2001) Radiation damage of water in environmental scanning electron microscopy. Journal of Microscopy 204 (3):185-198.

Law report

Law reports do not form part of the Harvard system of citations, the examples below are accepted ways of referencing law reports.

If the year is crucial to identify the report, enclose it in square brackets e.g. Parties in the case [Year] Abbreviation of law report Page.

Jones v. Smith [1934] All ER 123.

If the law report has a volume number, and so the year is not crucial to find the case, enclose the year in round brackets e.g. Parties in the case (Year) volume number Abbreviation of law report Page.

R v Williams (1992) 2 WLR 321.


Originator’s Surname INITIAL(S) (Year) Title, scale. City: Publisher.

Mason J (1832) Map of the countries lying between Spain and India, 1:8,000,000. London: Ordnance Survey.

Newspaper article

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title of article. Newspaper title. Date, page number of your quotation.

Webster B (2006) New speed camera puts more drivers in the frame. Times, 24 May, 1.

Newspaper article (without author’s name)

Newspaper (Year) Title of article. Newspaper title, date, page number.

Jawapos (2008) Perguruan tinggi kelas Dunia dari Jatim, 18 Februari, 5-6.

Newspaper article (online)

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title of article. Newspaper title, date. [Date Accessed]. URL.

Hardcastle G (2015) The white rose of Yorkshire is still flying high in the cricket’. The Press, 18 June. [Accessed 19 June 2015].

Newspaper (cartoon)

Cartoonist (Year) “Title of cartoon.” Newspaper title. Date, Page.

Bell S (2006) “The alleged al-Qaida threat to Los Angeles.” Guardian, 10 February, p.29.

Organisation report

Organisation (Unpublished, year) Title. Report dated date.

NSPCC (Unpublished, 1988) NSPCC submission to the Home Office Advisory Group on the admissibility of video recorded interviews. Report dated 23 September 1988.


Artist (Year) Title, material type, measurements. Art Gallery, City.

Van Gogh V (1888) Sunflowers, oil on canvas, 92.1 x 73 cm. National Gallery, London.

Patents & patent applications

Name of Originator (Year) Title of patent document. Patent code. Patent number.

Phillip Morris (1981) Optical perforating apparatus and system. European patent application 0021165 A1. 1981-01-07.

Personal Communication

References to personal communications (e.g. letters, personal conversations, email messages) should be placed in the body of the paper rather than listed in the references section.

Press release

Organisation (Year) Title. Press release, issued date.

NSPCC (1993) NSPCC launches justice for children campaign. Press release, issued 17 March 1993.

Sound recording

Originator (Year) Title. Place of publication and Name of publisher (separated by a colon). Ref No. Sound type medium. Length.

The Coasters (1958) Sorry but I’m gonna (sic) have to pass. New York: WEA International Inc. A4591C. Stereo Audiocassette, 3min.


Author of Standard (Year) Standard Number and Year (separated by a colon). Title of standard. Place of publication and Name of publisher (separated by a colon).

British Standards Institution (1990) BS5605:1990. Recommendations for citing and referencing published material. Milton Keynes: BSI.

Television advertisement

Company/Product (Year produced) Description of advert (duration). Television advertisement, channel. Screened dates.

Coca Cola (2006) Santa handing bottles of coke to a girl every year at christmas until she turns into a woman (30 secs). Television advertisement, ITV3. Screened 01/12/2006-25/12/2006.

Television broadcast

Series title and number and title of episode. Transmitting organisation and channel, full date and time of transmission.

Prison Break, Episode 210, Rendezvous. TV, Five, 2007 March 19. 22.00 hrs.

Thesis or dissertations (print and online)

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title. Type of qualification, academic institution, city.

Gill MR (1997) The relationship between the physical properties of human articular cartilage and tissue biochemistry and ultrastructure. Thesis, University of Leeds, London.

Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title. Type of qualification, academic institution, city. [Date Accessed]. URL.

Murphy JP (2011) Proteomics of downstream responses to growth signals in proliferating cells. Dissertation, Dalhousie University, Canada. [Accessed 1 August 2012].

Unpublished documents

If unsure of the date, make a sensible guess and use a question mark.
Family Name INITIAL(S) (Year) Title. Unpublished.

Fendell R (1985) Training and management for primary healthcare. Unpublished.

Web page (with author)

Family Name INITIAL(S) Year. Title. [Date accessed]. URL.

Susie C (1992) At home in Siberia. [Accessed 21 April 2021].

Web page (no author)

Title of website (Year as appearing on site) [Date accessed]. URL.

Feminist Collections A Quarterly of Women’s Studies Resources (2002) [Accessed 9 May 2002].

Web page (organisation as author)

Organisation (Year) Title of web. [Date accessed]. URL.

BBC News (2014) Lights out’ ends day of WW1 centenary commemorations. [Accessed 17 October 2012].


Wiki Name (Date) Title of article [online]. [Date accessed]. URL.

Wikipedia (2007) Socrates. [Accessed 23 January 2007]. Web:

YouTube video

Screen Name (Year) Title [online]. [Date Accessed]. URL.

India Today (2021) CPI(M) vs BJP vs congress debate over Kerala political killings, assembly poll. [Accessed 21 April 2021].

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.