Scope: Banking, Finance, and Monetary Economics

Digital Financial Inclusion and Implications for Developing Countries Economic Growth

 Misbahol Yaqin , Sugiharso Safuan

Prediction of Stock Prices Using Capital Asset Pricing Model in Nigerian Stock Market

 Muhammed Lamin Jabbi , Novrys Suhardianto

Financial Access and MSMEs Performance during Pandemic COVID-19: The Moderating Role of Digitization

 Nurma Gupita Dewi , Rizki Ridhasyah , Tio Anta Wibawa

Does Financial Development Alleviate Poverty? Empirical Evidence from Indonesia

 Wahyu Wisnu Wardana , Rosa Diwanegara , Rezza F. Prisandy , Aminin , Abdul Rohim

Loan to Value Ratio, KPR and KPA in Indonesia: An ARDL Approach

 Novrianti Putri ardely , Mahjus Ekananda

Does Switching Cost Affect Dual Rural Banks Market Power?

 Moh Najikhul Fajri , Rudi Purwono

Does Good Financial Development Attract Tourists? Evidence From ASEAN Countries

 Makmur Tradesman Hasudungan Panjaitan

Analysis of Islamic Rural Banks Efficiency in the East Region of Indonesia

 Sri Cahyaning Umi Salama

Electronic Payment and Economic Growth in Indonesia

 Wasiaturrahma Wasiaturrahma , Anita Lucky Kurniasari

The Effect of Credit Rating, Discretionary Accrual, And Financial Distress on Credit Facilities in Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

 Ema Annisa , Sri Ningsih

Covid-19 As Wake-Up Call to Reconsider the Mainstream Financial Practices: Islamic Finance Perspective

 Khaled Nour Aldeen

Macroeconomic Factors That Affect Depositor Funds of Sharia Bank in Indonesia

 Sigit Sanjaya

Financial Market Development and CO2 Emissions Nexus in Nigeria: An Application of ARDL Approach

 Kabiru Saidu Musa , Sulaiman Chindo , Rabiu Maijama'a

Did The Crisis Strengthen Bank Competition in Indonesia?: Market Structure Analysis Pre and Post The 2008 Financial Crisis

 Khoirunurrofik Khoirunurrofik , Mohammad Alvin Prabowosunu , Mohammad Ikhsan Fansuri

East Java Online Transactions: Demand Side Analysis

 Riska Dwi Astuti , Nadia Fazira

Factors Influencing Profit Efficiency of Banking in Indonesia

 Juliana Kadang , Djoko Mursinto , Rudi Purwono

Determinants of Demand For Money and The Velocity of Money in Indonesia

 Alvin Sugeng Prasetyo

The Forecasting of Financial Inclusion in East Java Through Islamic Microfinance Institution: an Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Approach

 Muhammad Anif Afandi , Indanazulfa Qurrota A'yun

Peer-to-Peer Lending in Surabaya: How It Drives Regional Economy?

 Galih Satria Mahardhika , Raka Achmad Inggis

Empirical Study of Twin Deficits in Indonesia: The Relationship Between Causality and Early Warning System of Twin Deficits’ Cause

 Prawudya Dery Kuncahyo