Scope: International Economics

Does Imported Input Affect Export Quality? Case of Indonesia in The Period of 2010-2015

 Tiura Herlinda , Kiki Verico

The Asymmetric Effect of Trade Openness on Output Volatility: Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia

 Adisu Abebaw Degu , Dagim Tadesse Bekele , Belesity Bekalu Ayenew , Chala Amante Abate

African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement and the Agricultural Performance in Nigeria in the Post Covid-19 Era: A Simulation Focus on Agricultural Output, Trade, and Employment

 David Terfa Akighir , Emmanuel Tordue Kpoghul

Relationship between Outward FDI and Home Country Exports: An Empirical Study of Bangladesh

 Ravinder , Poonam , Vijender Pal Saini

The Analysis of Coal Competitiveness and the Factors Affecting Indonesia’s Coal Exports to Main Destination Countries (A Case of 8 Destination Countries)

 Randy Admi , Samsubar Saleh , Gigih Fitrianto

Export of Indonesian MSEs and The Role of Partnership

 Tulus T. H. Tambunan

The Determinants of Indonesia’s Coal Exports Demand to Six Asian Countries

 Deni Aditya Susanto , Randy Admi

Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) and Indonesian Natural Rubber Export to The Main Export Destination Countries

 Andina Virginia , Tanti Novianti

Determinants of Real Exchange Rate: A Behavioural and Fundamental Dynamic Analysis in Latin American Countries

 Cesar Chavez

Impact of Trade Creation and Trade Diversion in Asean-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP)

 Gayatri Talita Aprilia , Rossanto Dwi Handoyo


 Godwin Odo Onogwu , Peter Madu Bzugu , Emmanuel C. Ani

Analysis of Indonesian Trade: Case Study After The AFTA Agreement

 Ronald Pratama Poetra

Non-Tariff Measures Impact on Indonesian Fishery Export

 Sonia Puspa Permata , Rossanto Dwi Handoyo

The Influence of Remittances on Mutual Transactions in an Isolated Village

 Soulixay Hongsakhone

Impact of Telecommunication Infrastructure, Market Size, Trade Openness and Labor Force on Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN

 Anis Wahyu Meidayati

Impact Export Diversification on Exchange Rate Regime Choice

 Eka Putri Mayangsari , Rosanto Dwi Handoyo

Comparative Advantage Analysis and Products Mapping of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam Export Products

 Akhmad Jayadi , Harry Azhar Aziz

Patterns and Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade Between Indonesia and It’s Trading Partner Countries

 Farah Choirun Nisa

The Relationship Between Numbers of International Tourist Arrivals and Economic Growth in The ASEAN-8: Panel Data Approach

 Garnis Nur Anggraeni

The Impact of Innovation and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Its Interaction to Export Value of High-Technology Products of Asian-10

 Nadia Ilmi

The Effect of Multilateralism, Regionalism, and Open Regionalism Towards Exports: ASEAN-5 Study Case

 Mawar Winona Lubis

Asset Price Shock Response to Shock Capital Flow, Exchange Rate, and Interest Rate: Case Study of 16 Emerging Market Countries

 rachman guswardi

Determinant Analysis of Bilateral Trade Between Indonesia and Yemen During the Period 1990-2015: A Gravity Model Approach

 sulthon sjahril sabaruddin

The Effect of Trade Facilitation on Trade Margin of 8 ASEAN-China Free Trade Area Countries (ACFTA): A Gravity Model Approach

 ferdyan susetyo , Rossanto Dwi Handoyo

Evaluating the Changing Comparative Advantage Patterns and Export Specialization of East Java province (Indonesia)

 Miguel angel esquivias Padilla