Publication Criteria

To be accepted for publication in the Global Strategis, research articles must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The material must not only be relevant but also possesses a sense of utility to global and strategical issues, such as diplomacy and foreign relations, international peace and security, international political economy, international business and organization, and also globalization and strategy.
  2. The primary results of the scientific research reported in the article have not been published elsewhere.
  3. Experiments, statistics, and other analyses are performed to a high technical standard and are described in sufficient detail.
  4. Conclusions are presented in an appropriate fashion and are supported by the data.
  5. The article is presented in an intelligible fashion and is written in standard English or Bahasa.
  6. The research meets all applicable standards for the ethics of experimentation and research integrity.
  7. All articles submitted go through a plagiarism checker (Turnitin) with a tolerance of 30% for similarities.
  8. The article must be originally written by the authors.
  9. Articles must use at least 30 references, and among those, at least ten come from scientific journals.

The Journal’s Peer Reviewer Board, and any invited external peer reviewers, will evaluate submissions against these criteria.