New insight in pediatric dentistry: preventive dentistry in allergy management protocol

pediatric dentistry oral health allergy management protocol


  • Seno Pradopo
    Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitas Airlangga
  • Haryono Utomo Department of Oral Biology, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitas Airlangga
September 1, 2007


; "> The relationship between oral health and systemic diseases had been abundantly studied, however, mostly were related to adult
such as cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus etc. Nevertheless, it was still uncommon that oral health
also related to allergic disease. The field of pediatric dentistry is mostly related to preventive dentistry (i.e. prophylactic procedures,
preventive orthodontic etc., but rarely related to preventive medicine such allergy prevention in children. Allergic diseases develop out
of a close interaction between genetic predisposition and environmental triggers, and progress continuously since infancy regarding to
the allergic march. Concerning to the partially developed immunity in children, children are more susceptible to infection and allergic
diseases than adults. Unfortunately, infection and allergic diseases are interrelated; infection impaired allergy and vice versa. Poor
oral health is closely related to infection; however, improving oral health is not included in allergy management protocol. In order to
anticipate the future, dentist or especially pediatric dentist should be able to review about basic children immunity and oral mucosal
immunity. Additionally, it is essential to explain to the parents and medical practitioners who are not familiar to this new paradigm.
The objective of this study is to review articles related to children’s oral health and allergic symptoms. Regarding to the successful
oral management of allergic symptoms, the propensity that improving oral health could be included in children’s allergy management
protocol is likely.

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