The management of herpes labialis, oral thrush and angular cheilitis in cases of oral diabetes

angular cheilitis diabetes mellitus herpes labialis management oral thrush



Background: As reported in several studies, prolonged or uncontrolled cases of diabetes mellitus (DM) may induce a more extreme inflammatory response. Mucosal lesions can be observed in patients who present this systemic condition. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to elaborate the management of herpes labialis, oral thrush and angular cheilitis as oral manifestations of diabetes. Case: A 49-year-old male complained of having experienced painful lip ulceration for the preceding seven days. The anamnesis of the patient revealed that, prior to lip ulceration, he had experienced high fever and malaise in addition to frequent urination at night and a tingling sensation in the toes and fingertips on waking. Case management: The patient was referred to undergo blood count, fasting blood glucose and oral glucose tolerance tests. The blood test result confirmed the patient to be suffering from DM and anemia. The immunocompromised condition of the patient prompted the occurrence of herpes labialis, oral thrush and angular cheilitis. Conclusion: Multidisciplinary treatment for herpes labialis resulting in oral candidiasis in DM patients is indispensable. Concurrent infection with HSV and candidiasis necessitates a more prolonged healing process. Consequently, it is a essential to treat the hyperglycemia which induces an immunocompromised state in diabetic patients.

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