Factors Related To HPV Vaccine Practice Among Adult Women

Adelia Perwita Sari, Fariani Syahrul

= http://dx.doi.org/10.20473/jbe.V2I32014.321-330
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Cervical cancer is one of most common diseases among women worldwide. Human papilloma virus (HPV) is known as precursor of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer can be prevented effectively by practicing hpv vaccine. But the coverage of HPV vaccine is remain low. The objection of study was to analyze factors related to HPV vaccine pratice among adult women. This study used case control design with sample size 25 for each group. Sample case was women who took HPV vaccine in IBI Kota Kediri on 2013, while sample control was neighboor from the sample case who didn’t take HPV vaccine. The independent variabels were age, education level, marital status, income level, knowledge, family support, family history of cervical cancer and the dependent variable was HPV vaccine practice. Those variables was analyzed with chi square or Fisher’s exact with significancy level at 95%. The result showed that there were correlation between education level (p = 0.006; c = 0.346), knowledge (p = 0.001; c = 0.464), and family support (p = 0.000; c = 0.516) with HPV vaccination practice. While there were no correlation between age (p = 0.275), marital status (0.490) and income level (p = 0.098) and family history of cervical cancer (p = 1.000) with HPV vaccination practice. Based on data from this study can be concluded that family support and knowledge had average strenght correlation withHPV vaccine practice among adult women. So, the intervention should be focused in increasing knowledge among women and their family about the important of HPV vaccine as a cervical cancer prevention.

Keywords: practice, preventive, HPV, vaccine, adult women

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